Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back to Decorating

Firstly thank you so very much for all your heart warming comments on my post about my uncle who recently passed. I love the community us bloggers have, we might not have met, we might not always comment on each other posts but we know we're there reading in the background and when a heartbreaking moment occurs we are there to offer our support

Unfortunately the funeral is not for a few weeks, taking place on 15th February so there has been an element of having to get back to normal whilst we wait for this sad day so last weekend I took to the task of decorating once again 

and finally painted my ceiling

I can't say I enjoyed this task very much and there is an awful lot of paint spots on my carpet which I'm tackling bit by bit with my nail polish remover (great tip which seems to work!)

I celebrated painting the ceiling by putting up my new lights - unfortunately they are too small!

So it has been back to the drawing board looking at alternatives 
(which have been found and ordered and I'll share on their arrival!)

As for this weekend of course we saw the big freeze arrive but this little cutie saw me hike to my parents for cuddles

Now I must be off as my 100 free listings have been reactivated on eBay and I'm itching to get going again!

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  1. Painting ceilings is a pig of a job!
    You did well to stick at it!

    Lovely picture of you both! Sweet!xxx

  2. Aaaaarrrrgh what a shame about the lights hun.
    Agree with MelMel, gorgeous piccie xx

  3. Good to see your decorating coming along nicely! xxx

  4. Well done for getting on with the decorating-it sometimes helps to do something like that when your heart is heavy...
    Keep warm and cosy,
    Warm Wishes,

  5. ahh such a cute photo!
    i hate painting,you will be proud when its all done tho

  6. Happy painting! Stay warm!

    Sandy xox

  7. Well done ~ I hat the job of painting the ceiling. I always end up covered in paint and crooking my neck !! xx

  8. Your both so adorable , painting ceilings I hate I did half the house this summer what a stiff neck that gives you!!

  9. Hello my darling,

    I popped in to wish you a day filled with love and to let you know I truly appreciate all those lovely words you left for me while I was away.

    Love & Hugs


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