Monday, January 23, 2012

My Week

I hope you've all had a fabulous week, here is a round up from including the weekend fun!

I expressed my shock at the price of a few light switch plates and made you all scream "stay away from the electrics"! I asked for your help to save me a few pennies and shared my only sale purchase.

The weekend started early for me on Friday when I was ready to have my kitchen ceiling repaired (finally!) after this debacle although I came home Thursday to find water in my bathroom and this hanging from the ceiling!

What a nightmare! Back on to the letting agent yet again!
Then when they tried to start work on the kitchen ceiling there was more water coming through!!

Stage 1 of the kitchen ceiling is complete and they're returning today to finish off although looking at the repairs I'm not convinced there isn't going to be more problems!

Saturday was one of the typical days of fun with my friend Ben

starting with a trip to my friend Rose's to wish her a Happy Birthday

After tea and cake we headed to The Range to stock up on frames for my front room

and then Homebase

Sunday's painting plans were abandoned when my mum asked if I'd like to join them for lunch. The mere mention of beef casserole and I was sold!

My brother was visiting with my niece and nephew so it was good to catch up with them

All in all another good weekend but I really do need to get on with painting my ceiling!

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  1. Sounds like a good weekend.... apart from the water :( My weekend starts today!!! xx

  2. So glad I'm not the only one having plumbing problems. Think blocked bath, leaky pipes and a yucky kitchen ceiling then I got up this morning to find my kitchen sink blocked GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
    OK moan over 'hehe'

    B xxx

  3. I hope your ceiling is fixed soon and you are able to put your kitchen back together. I love the look of those frames, it'l be interesting to see what you do with them xxx

  4. OOerr,hope you will be free of plumbing problems now!
    Have a happy week,
    Warm Wishes,

  5. Here's hoping they complete the job with no further 'surprises'. Look forward to seeing it all finished.

  6. A busy week. I hope you get your ceiling finished soon.

  7. Victoria, sounds like a great weekend except for the ceiling and leaking debacles! Hope they get fixed soon once and for all! HUGS!

  8. I don't mind tackling most things but I let hubby and dad sort blocked drains and by drains I mean the evil smelling sort outside....


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