Monday, July 11, 2011

Not So Manic Monday

I took the liberty of booking today off work fearing one of my ongoing hangovers from Saturday's Polo day. The lack of hangover meant I had the beauty of a day at home to do as I pleased
After stripping my bed, cleaning my kitchen and doing laundry I headed to the shops and treated myself to a dress and shoes for a night out with work on Thursday
I also popped to the library and picked up a DVD and book which I will spend the evening with alongside the much talked about Vintage Issue from Home & Antiques

What are your plans this evening?

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  1. Can't wait to see that film, let Me know what it's like hun.
    Did you know it's filmed in my home town :o)

    B xxx

  2. Your evening sounds perfect, that issue of H&A is amazing! Scarlett x

  3. Love the dress and shoes! Have a great night Sue x

  4. Love the dress. Plans are to read Simply Homemade that came in the post this morning.

  5. bag and shoes are very Pippa M! Lovely.

    I've been looking for the latest edition of H&A, but Sainbury's didn't have it in on Saturday. I shall look in Morrisons tomorrow.

    I'm just killing time until 'New Tricks' comes on. Bill finds it hilarious that I love it so much, but as I'm the kind of person who falls asleep before the end, misses who did the deed and has to catch up on Iplayer, I'd say I'm their target audience! (i.e, getting on a bit!)

    enjoy your evening.


  6. hi Victoria! Thank you so much for your lovely comments! It has been a whirlwind recently albeit one of the very best you could get! Getting back to normal gradually and I could really do with a 'free' day off like you had today!! Hope you really enjoyed it!!

    Kerry x

  7. I watched this film last week and loved it - hope that you enjoyed it too :)

  8. LOVING the fact both of those companies do International delivery ::))
    Your orange dress is super :)

  9. I thought the film was really good. I haven't seen that issue of H&A, must check it out :) x

  10. Sounds like the perfect evening, especially when it follows a day off work. Hope you enjoyed it.

  11. oooohh loveee the orange dress you bought! gorgeous! i also love wedges and the shoes you bought is so elegant, i think i need to buy some magazines too...! enjoy your off day!

    xx Susan

  12. Hope you enjoy reading the book. It's v popukar in blogland and I love it too.
    Lisa x

  13. I've been away from Blogland since last weekend..what's all the fuss about that interesting magazine?!

  14. Your so funny did you end up with a hangover....It sounds to me like a perfect day off Momma!

  15. That sounds like a lovely way to spend a Monday. This evening I am going to spend some time working on my blog and check out new blogs.

    P.S. We are having a giveaway on your blog. Check it out and enter.

  16. Oh I'm gonna get me that mag! Loved your outfit for the polo. Xx

  17. How was the film? have read the book & LOVED it! Lizzie (mentioned in BBC H&A on the article about the life of my friend Bronia!)


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