Sunday, July 3, 2011


I seem to have gone on the missing list the past few days but fear not I'm still here!

Wednesday it was supper club once again with different attendee's, namely my 2 aunts and mum
We're in the midst of planning my aunts 50th birthday party at the end of the month so there's lot's to arrange
I made Nigella's cheesy chilli which unfortunately I didn't enjoy and won't rush to cook again... usually a fan of chorizo I didn't like it in the chilli although my aunts liked it that way! We all agreed that whilst it tasted nice it didn't taste like a traditional chilli! If you're interested you can find the recipe here

Thursday there was a large company meeting which led to drinks, a late night and a hangover Friday which dragged on until well to be honest I'm only just starting to feel normal today!!

Today was spent celebrating my SIL's dad's 60th with the Ralph Lauren kids!

The week ahead is preparation for this event I'm attending Saturday! 

Now it's time for some blog catch up!

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  1. What a busy bee you've been! Bet you are looking forward to Saturday, what will you be wearing?
    Lisa x

  2. I agree with you on the Cheesy Chilli, I made it too but won't be making it again, it tasted weird!

  3. Ohooo what lovely photogr[phs, thanks for sharing. Can see whay you are looking forward, and yes I can't wait to see what you wear
    ;0) xx

  4. You have been busy. Your nephew and niece are such cuties, they're growing fast. Have a great time on Saturday, looks like fun.

  5. you've been busy indeed! never tried cheesy chilli before but it's kinda weird combination, show us the photo of what you'll be wearing! :) your niece and nephew are adorable!

    xx Susan

  6. Wow, I've never been to a polo match - have a fab time and don't forget to let us see what you wear! M x

  7. please slow down! You are wearing me out and it's far too hot for that :O)

    oooh, get you with the polo! I'll have to start calling you Queen Vic!

    I see Peter Andre is going to be there according to the 'latest news' thing. Maybe we'll see a new reality show 'Pet & Vic, what they did next'! ;o)


  8. Sorry to hear about your hangover - I know the feeling, I was in bed nearly all day Saturday!! I just never learn!

  9. Oh you have been busy. Look forward to seeing your lovely outfit.


  10. You have been busy! Love the photos :o) Scarlett x

  11. Your just a social butterfly ! :0) I think I will avoid the Cheesy Chilli xx

  12. Hum. I've not done many Nigella recipes. I've heard they are more hit and miss. I've not made a Jamie Oliver one that I don't like to date though, and I have cooked LOTS of his! Highly recommended :-)

  13. I hope you have a lovely time on Saturday :) xx

  14. Just to let you now that I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Sue x


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