Friday, June 24, 2011

My Corner

More tweaking has been done in a corner of my home this week where I'm often found sitting watching TV with the laptop

I was falling out of love with my letter rack specifically

Its purpose had become somewhere to hold letters I was putting off filing or actioning but I did need something to hold receipts so instead I brought this blue envelope, add a Cath Kidston sticker and VOILĂ€!

The envelope is now hidden in a draw and my receipts are no longer a feature of my home!

The next problem was the my sofa arms becoming dirty due to general wear. I turned to a box of vintage linens which I was yet to find a use for and found some pillowcases I loved but no longer matched my bedroom

Perfect thrown over and easily whipped off when they need to be cleaned!

It's so much fun making these simple changes

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  1. It looks really lovely - I like what you have done with the arms of the chair. Sue x

  2. Hi there. Love your little green cupboard. Did you paint it? It is a very pretty corner.

  3. That pillowcase / arm cover is lovely,love the colour combo, looks really fresh. Have a great wkend :)

  4. I do like the pillow case idea but they wouldn't stay on our sofa for 2 mins (read Jack lol).
    You are getting very organised my dear, can you give me some tips please ;o)

    B xxx

  5. What a lovely cosy corner, when can I come stay ;0) Super idea for the sofa too, and I think the pillowcases are a perfect, pretty touch ( and also practical )

    Have a lovely weekend Victoria,

    M xxxx

  6. The simple changes are always the best ones. Especially as they always seem to make the beiggest differnece, strange isn't it xxx

  7. that's the sort of thing I love to do when I've got the chance. Just fiddle around reorganise. Love doing that.

    Your corner is lovely. Can understand why you cosy up there. xx

  8. What a lovely corner to relax in! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Chair arms always seem to get more wear than the rest of the chair. Great idea with the pillowcases.

  10. The smallest changes often have the biggest impact. I love seeing areas of your lovely home. x

  11. awwww love the beautiful letter rack, so shabby chic and the pillowcase for covering your sofa is a great tips too! a small touch of CK is never wrong and now u got something to keep receipts to :) have a great weekend! xx Susan

  12. Love love love the green cupboard!

  13. Your blog is lovely ^_^


  14. It looks wonderful I love that green cabinet!


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