Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Book Review | Classic Household Hints

I recently picked up Classic Household Hints from the library in part because I was drawn to the cover. Honestly this book wasn't fantastic, I didn't find many of the tips helpful or I'd heard them all before. I was pleased to note 2 suggestions were things I already do/

I'd be lost without them because I tend to do my housework during them. It's amazing what you can get done in the minutes between your favourite program

If you have one or two articles to read in a magazine pull them out rather than keep the whole magazine. I often do this with my magazines as I hate to have them lying around. I keep them in a file and will spend an evening reading through them

Do you have any time saving hints and tips for me?

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  1. Yes............Get a cleaner ;o)
    I think if I had a cleaner it would make Me a better housekeeper as I'd want to clean before they came 'hehe'

    B xxx

  2. Im guilty of hoarding magazines, esp crafty ones as I always think i'll need them at a later time.

    Scarlett x

  3. I love the cover, that would of drawn me in! Shame the contents were a bit of a let down though.

    I tend to batch cook, one for the table and for the freezer. It does not take any more effort to make up two of something if you have the hob or oven on, just double up your ingredients. xx

  4. I agree with B...... - get a cleaner - best investment in ME I ever made!

  5. Doing my housework in the ad breaks would work for me as I always sky+ any programmes I want to watch so I can fast forward the adverts. I always make any phone calls I need to make whilst I'm doing my ironing. It saves me time as well as relieving the boredom of ironing. I'm a dab hand at balancing the phone underneath my chin.

  6. Ooops, I meant wouldn't work for me.

  7. I used to be guilty of hoarding magazines but I always snip out my favourite artices/pictures and pop them in a nice scrapbook now!

    I don't have many time saving tips other than recently I have been making sure that everything has a home. I have invested in a set of "Ben the bins" so that recyclings is sooooo easy now too! x

  8. I always fall for the cover....this is maybe why I don't find a lot of great books!

  9. awwww what a great tips! i do tend to pile them up and so they're lying around everywhere!! and im too lazy to do anyting once im glued to the chair watching tv hehehe but i shall try to do what you did coz then i might see a little cleanliness in my home! loveee the book cover by the way! xx Susan


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