Sunday, May 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I arrived home a few hours ago from my brother's having had a fantastic time!

Thursday we packed up the picnic basket and headed to Walton-on-the-Naze

The weather wasn't completely on our side but at least it didn't rain and scones with jam and cream are good in any weather!

Brody enjoyed walking on the beach with his dad

And dad enjoyed some sand drawing!

I managed to spy some charity shops on the walk back to the car and came home with these two framed pictures

And we ended our day with pizza purchased with funds supplied by my mum whilst watching the latest Harry Potter film (which my SIL & I were very disappointed with!)

Friday it was off to the zoo where I fed an elephant!

Brody chilled out watching the animals 

and dad discovered elephants were heavy!

We had lunch in McDonalds (and I was happy to discover the Oreo McFlurry is back!) and later that evening watched another film comfy in pj's on the sofa

Saturday was less activity and more laying around at home in our pjs. My SIL did sneak out for a few hours to visit my favourite vintage shop down the road where I sensibly only purchased some cake forks

A BBQ that evening accompanied the Eurovision Song Contest and an end to a lovely weekend!

I had a lovely time and it really did feel like a holiday as my brother and SIL are great hosts and thoroughly spoilt me with good food, company and things to do! I didn't have to lift a finger the whole time I was!

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  1. Hi V and welcome "home"!
    Glad to read and see you had a lovely break, and such great finds, you lucky thing!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and have been thoroughly spoilt. I see you still manage to find some bargains on your holidays.

  3. Great pics, looks like you had a fab time! The sand drawing is really great - bit of an artist there? LOVE the pics you got, will they be added to 'the wall'? xxx

  4. Welcome back :) sounds like you had a fantastic time away AND you managed to bag yourself a couple of lovely buys too! xx

  5. Welcome back! Looks like you had a fabulous time, i would have pinched that hamper had i been there with you - love it! Scarlett x

  6. Looks like you had a lovely break! Those pictures are gorgeous, and how cute is that picnic basket?! x

  7. Hey Momma I'm back and boy have I missed a lot....what a fabulous trip packed a lot of fun in and those pictures are so pretty!
    what room will they go in?
    formerly Bord and Butik.

  8. What a lovey time you had away. A good mix of doing stuff and just chilling.Good combo. And it there was pizza,then it's even better!
    Lisa x

  9. I used to go to Walton as a kid with my family! Brings back lovely memories!

    C x

  10. glad you had a great time. Is that the BHS picnic hamper? I've got my beady eye on it, gorgeous and great price.

    have a lovely week ahead xxx

  11. Great to have you back, looks and sounds like you had a fab time :o)

    B xxx

  12. Not sure who had the most fun there!! Glad you enjoyed yourself and I love the little cake forks, I see, in my cristal ball, a baking session coming on!! Lucey x

  13. What a fabulous holiday you had Victoria!!! You made my mouth water with you picnic food-LOL!! Glad you had a great get away with family!

  14. Oh I love your pictures and pic nic basket, it looks like you had a lovely time! Xxx

  15. what a lovely time you had, i love feeding the elephants at colchester zoo. Did you feed the giraffes too there?? i love them!!

  16. welcome home! sounds like you had a very lovely time at your bro's place, fun picnic with yummy food! love the two paintings you bought, gorgeous!! love the cake forks too, i must say brody's dad is so good in drawing in the sand!! x Susan

  17. What a lovely weekend. That pizza looks SO yummy..made me to find some food!

  18. Hello Honey, lovely, scrumptiously British holiday pics... and I have the picture on the right hanging in my kitchen...we is vintage twinnies.x


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