Monday, May 2, 2011

Another long weekend!

Are you having fun this Bank Holiday weekend?

Once again I've had another mixed weekend of productivity and doing nothing! Saturday was spent clearing up from my Royal Wedding gathering as I didn't do a thing Friday aside from sitting watching the tv!

Yesterday morning I popped to a boot sale on my way to IKEA to pick up this. Sadly there were no goodies for me at this weekends boot sale and the bad luck continued from there. After successfully locating my bookcase and managing to get it on the trolley, in the boot of my parents car and inside my flat with no assistance on opening the box... it was actually this!

I was sooo disappointed as I was looking forward to finally getting my spare room organised! Too late to return it and with plans to go shopping with my mum today I decided to "make do" for now and replace it later

Here is my spare room with it's new bookcase and my VICTORIA picture from my bedroom at my parents

As you can see it doesn't go as well as the one I actually intended to buy will do but it's made a huge difference to straightening the bedroom, I forgot to take "before" shots but lets just say there is now room to swing a cat!

Whilst in IKEA I was also able to pick up a frame for my Moulin Rouge print from Kelly's trip to Paris last year and hang it in my lounge

My landlord popped in Friday and I was somewhat relieved that he commented on how he liked my pictures on the wall and didn't complain at how handy I'd got with a hammer!!

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  1. What a lovely tidy spare room. I can see floorspace too! :)

    Its a shame about the Ikea mix up, but it still looks nice x

  2. LOL at your landlord!
    Sorry to hear that Ikea upset your plans (and spare room style)!

  3. that's a shame about the mix up, but look at you with your Spirit of the Blitz with 'oh it'll do'!

    Big stores are getting right on my chimes at the moment. Namely B&Q. Their customer service and inability to actually deliver what has been paid for has been utterly disgusting. Basically the Fairy Tower has been nothing but a problem. Yesterday we found the floor was missing!!!! Pretty vital. Lots of 'none until two weeks time' - hello, we paid for it on the 10th April, not waiting any longer chummy boy. Long story short, we should (say should because I have no faith in them now) be able to pick it up tomorrow, and then the tower can be completed. But Urgh. Will never buy anything of significance from there again. And this is basically just a shed on legs, can you imagine the horror if you tried to order a fitted kitchen from them??????

    Suffice to say, I will be writing a nice letter of complaint once the outstanding piece finally turns up.

    Bunch of clowns running our branch, clearly!

    Gripe over.
    Enjoy your Monday. April seemed to go on forever,which I put down to all the bank holidays!


  4. Your spare room looks lovely :) No more long weekends... we could get used to this! xx

  5. It all looks very pretty - you must be pleased with your weekend's work!

    Pomona x

  6. im so sorry you had series of unlucky event over the bank holidays, but i gotta tell you that though it's not what you wanted, the bookcase looks lovely in your spare room! i love the coca cola sign on it, the frames are lovely, the bedroom is so cute and tidy!! i also love your moulin rouge frame, i too love to knock the wall and put upt frames, i just hope my wall doesnt collapse on me these days :)xx Susan

  7. A bit of bad luck hun but you seem to of turned it around and it looks lovely, even Jess is impressed xxx

  8. I'm the same, did hardly anything Saturday and sanding yesterday. Hope to get some bits done today though. :-)

    Can you not make curtains for it to 'hide' the shelves or something and make it blend in? Marianne is fantastic at working with white Ikea things:

  9. Love your daybed. I used to have one the same but I had to sell in so that I could pile my spare room high with my vintage stock for fairs. I have the bookcase you wanted and it's fab. Looks so much more expensive than it actually is. Even though the one you got wasn't the one you wanted I would have kept it and made do too. Ikea's a nightmare at the best of times and I'd have cried at a return trip x

  10. What a shame about the mix up but your room looks lovely all the same.

  11. The bookcase fits in just fine :) That room looks so cosy, and I spy a Hello Kitty sitting on the chair - does that mean the room is prepared for a Cakey visit? :P How thoughtful lol xxx


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