Monday, March 21, 2011

Brace Face The end is near

This time next week my days with a "brace face" will be over. I toyed with the idea of getting a brace for many years until I finally became fed up of only seeing my dodgy teeth in even the nicest of photos.

When I made the decision to have a brace fitted and choosing the most discreet of braces within my price range I was still worried I might feel self-conscious but as this photo proves it was not the case! I think having a brace at a late age was the most sensible thing for me. A few years older (and wiser?!) I was more secure in myself and seeing the difference in my teeth after only a matter of months certainly proved it was worth it!

So next Monday I'll be back without my mouth full of metal (ok ceramic in my case!) to show of my straight gnashers! I'm so excited. And here's the photo reminder of what they looked like before.


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  1. Hi Victoria

    Good for you, it's worth doing it if you are unhappy with your teeth. I wore several different braces for many years as a child. The worst one was having to sleep with a brace retainer. So uncomfortable! That metal around your face and elasticated band around your neck...So many hours spent at the orthodentist.... HOWEVER, so glad I had them even though at the time I absolutely hated them. It DOES pay off in the end :-)
    Isabelle x

  2. Wheyy brilliant! I had a brace when I was 13, but it all went wrong - ended up with a suspended orthadontist because of the bodge-job! My teeth are a right ole mess, I'm awaiting my fella to become a millionaire (bit of a wait there, maybe...) and I'll get them tarted up Simon Cowell style haha! xxx

  3. So jealous....your fab smile can't wait!!

  4. I had braces at school and getting them off was the best thing ever! Unlike you I was not discreet with mine, I use to choose different colour bands for them lol.
    I didnt even know that you had braces! My dad got braces when he was about 51 for his bad teeth.


  5. You'll have all the boys chasing you with that gorgeous smile, well done Lucey xx

  6. well done on getting and sticking with the brace - you teeth are fabulous. I was meant to have a brace when i was at school but they decided my teeth weren't bad enough but now looking at my teeth i wish my mum had pushed for it. Scarlett x

  7. YAY! I understand your joy only too well! I had upper and lower braces and when they came off it was pure joy! Mind it felt as though my teeth were loose immediatley afterwards as they'd been trussed up for so long but that wore off pretty quickly.
    You'll be thrilled even more with the results when you are 'free'!

    BH x

  8. Wow, your teeth have been so quick! Well done you!
    I'm so vain that I'm having my teeth bleached in 2 days, no more coffee, tea, fruit juice, yoghurt, etc.I hope the result will be worthy of a life of privation ;D

  9. You'll be flashing that smile all over the place next week. I had a brace when I was at school but my teeth are still wonky.

  10. yeah, good for you. Actually, I think it makes more sense to have braces when older. My sister and one of my brothers were both meant to wear braces when younger, and neither kept them in.

    I think if you do it when you're older, it's because it's your choice and you've paid, so you're more determined.

    Pre or post braces, you have a great smile :O) xx

  11. Congratulations Victoria! This is such an exciting time for you.
    Morwenna x

  12. Good for you Victoria!! I am sure you will look even more stunning once the braces come off :)!

  13. will you have to wear a retainer after to make sure they stay in place when the tracks come off?

    i did, and i was naughty and didn't wear it often - i wish i had now as some of my teeth went a bit wonky again xx

  14. Good for you. You've got a fantastic smile though anyway!

  15. I can't wait to see the results. :)

  16. wow how exciting!.... well done you for sticking with it... the results will be fantastic!

  17. I never noticed, not in any of the photos, even the grinniest ones. Good braces, I'd say. Still, great to get rid of them finally, I am sure.

  18. Good for you, Victoria! I’ve always wanted to get braces myself, but I’ve always wondered if it was too late for me to do so. Time to schedule some appointments with my dentist! :)

    Deena Herring

  19. Your teeth look amazing! I say getting those braces was well worth it. Don’t be afraid to show that dazzling smile when you can!


  20. A bit late, but congrats on being free from your braces! It certainly feels wonderful to not have to worry if the food will stick to them. Plus you get to flash those pearly whites at people! Keep smiling and have a great day!



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