Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday So Far....

I've decided to take a weekend off from all the re-organising at home and taken part in some more leisurely pursuits!

First stop this morning was breakfast with my friend Ben and his mum and then over to my parents to see my niece

and nephew

It became a larger family gathering than expected with the arrival of my aunt and 2 cousins!

Next on my to do list was a trip to the local nail shop

Once that was done I was able to head home, get comfortable on the sofa and watch an episode of True Blood before I get ready for my evening in the audience of A League of their Own

Whilst not a sports fan I love this tv program and find it very funny so I can't wait for the laughs to be had!

Tomorrow my mum will be dropping round my new Dyson which arrived today (soooo excited!) so I'm sure for once I'll be happily hoovering anything and everything!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect Saturday. Violet it growing so quickly, she doesn't have that newborn look anymore. Hope you enjoy the vacuuming with your new Dyson. Have a lovely evening.

  2. Looks like its been a good one so far! Hop you have a great night! x x x

  3. sounds like a great Saturday. Love that Chanel colour, bottled out of buying it though and bought another pink instead!

    Your are such a good Aunt. xx

  4. I used to have a bit of a thing about James Cardon...infact, I just like big lads ;o) ha ha!

    Hope you had fun. xxx

  5. What a great Saturday! Your niece and nephew are so cute!

  6. Hope you enjoyed the show!
    Lisa x

  7. Ooh that sounds like the perfect Saturday - did you enjoy the filming of the tv show - that sounds really good fun!

  8. So jealous about your new Dyson! My mum get a shock each time I ask her a new hoover!
    How cute is Violet!


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