Thursday, June 17, 2010

Soup Kitchen

I picked up a copy of Gizzi’s Kitchen Magic from the library at the weekend which was well timed for my brace to be tightened as amongst the many recipes I planned to try a couple would suit the delicate nature of my teeth the days after

Over the years I’ve never been much of a soup fan but getting older my tastes are changing and I’m becoming more daring – and of course there is the added bonus of soups being low in WW points!

Mexican Chicken soup sounded as good a place to start as any and I wasn’t disappointed

Easy to make, filling and most importantly tasty!

The whole recipe was 9 points although admittedly 5 of those came from tortillas fried in olive oil. Delicious non-traditional croutons they were but next time 1 not 2 tortillas would be sufficient fried by healthier methods. Alternatively a packet of WW tortilla chips would do the job just as well

Whilst on a roll last night I made Chinese Chicken & Mushroom Soup for a friend and I

I wasn't too keen on this one although my friend said they enjoyed it (and I hope they weren't just being polite!). The soup itself was a low 5 points and instead of the prawn toasts suggested I served with vegetable spring rolls and some prawn crackers which bumped the points up a little

I enjoyed my first dabble in soup making and would love to hear your favourite soup recipes

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  1. you are loving your cooking!

    Are you watching Gizzi in the afternoons - I know you're at work,but are you recording it and watching it later? Lots of great tips on healthy cooking. I want to try the cheesecake that she made earlier this week.

    Love her retro look. I had liquid eyeliner on yesterday, but it didn't look half as good as hers!


  2. Oh to look so glam whilst baking!
    Will send you the chicken and sweet potato recipe soon.
    Lisa x

  3. i've been wondering about getting that book!! maybe i'll look in the library too

  4. looks like a great book, happy cooking.:) xxx

  5. You are getting right into your cooking, Victoria! I love soup, some of the Weight Watchers soup recipes I've tried over the years have been really good (filling AND low in points - a great combination!). x

  6. Mmmm! They both look and sound very nice! :)


  7. Both those soups look and sound delish!!! I'm not a big soup fan unless it's homemade!!! Well done!!!

  8. are you doing WW ? oh I so need to start somthing how can one put 10lbs on in a month you ask well I have done just that. I love to bake how do you lose and bake too!!! look at me wanting to make fatty granola! a 1/4 cup has like 6-8 points

  9. I love soups, I often make them. I often make them using what ever is at hand (an old boot?!!!) ha ha! Yours look good! Suzie xxx

  10. They looked scrummy.I make a cauliflower and courgette soup and a squash and pepper one and they are both free on weight watchers- dont know what I would do without them! They are both delicious- especially if you put a bit of chilli in the squash one- sweet and hot- mmm.Have a lovely weekend.
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  11. I lvoe the front cover of that book. Your soups look so yummy and the low points are sucha bonus!

    Sandy xix

  12. Victoria I think it is wonderful that you are cooking! The soups looked yummy!

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  14. That soup looks DELICious!!! I love the cover of the cookbook! :) chris


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