Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Be Prepared!

Weight Loss Wednesday is back again and today's tip is not just for Boy Scouts!


One of the many excuses reasons we give for not being able to loose weight is a lack of willpower and sugary treats just appearing in our hands

For me it was more to do with a lack of preparation and relying on the crisps and snacks readily available in newsagents

How do I avoid indulging in these snacks?

I always make sure I have a snack bar in my hand, like the 1.5 WeightWatcher points worth

Special K bars

special k

and Slim Fast Peanut bars


(for those of us that are Reese’s fans these are a chocolate-y godsend!)

Snack a Jacks are a savoury snack with most flavours being a 1.5pts value . I keep a variety of them in my draw at work for elevenses


I LOVE jacket potatoes with cheese for lunch but unfortunately the portion of cheese offered in works lunch bar is rather large


To avoid extra calories/WW points on Sunday’s I weigh out 1.5 – 2pt portions of grated cheese and store in small pots for the week and bring them into work with me to add to a plain potato I purchase

This way I can keep track of what I’m eating and the points I’ve used for the day – no excuses for eating badly as everything I need is to hand and fits with my eating plan

How do you keep hunger at bay?

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  1. Hi Victoria, I haven't participated lately in the Weight Loss Wednesday, but I agree preperation is key, it even prepares your mind to do well! I love having the 2 point ww snacks on hand too, and also love their ice creams and desserts, they are yummy and guilt free! Suzie

  2. Hi Doll!
    OMG went on the scale after my son left for Arizona and UGH gained about 6 pounds! All our late night snacking and finals from school late night studying caught up with me! Luck for me is I don't notice it in my clothes or I would so be crying! Those bagged salty snacks look good, never seen them here. Now who has received some real cuties?? Are you getting squished in your space yet? I know I am here!LOL Take care cute one, think of you often wishing I was there with you! I so am craving traveling to Europe! Love,Lori

  3. Right at this very moment I'm struggling!! (shush stomach!)

    I always go wrong at the snacking so try to stop the crisps and chocolate during the day at work.

    I have my wheetabix in the morning before I come to work and bring in a couple of slices of bread to have about 10.30. Then for when the mid afternoon boredom munchies hit I have a yoghurt to hand to try and stave them off.

    where I go wrong is when I get home!

  4. make me hungry..even if they are diet snacks! ;-)
    ..I should start a proper diet, I've had too much choc in the last few days..

  5. I have a big piece of homemade fruit cake in my hand - I have a horrible feeling that you are going to tell me that this is most likely to be contributing to weight gain rather than loss - I feel quite guilty now!

    Pomona x

  6. Fantastic tips - thank you. You're absolutely right in that Weight Watchers calls for lots of organisation (not one of my finer skills).

  7. Good for you Victoria, I salute you,

    Sarah x

  8. Slimfast bars are pretty decent tasting -- I eat the high protein, low-carb ones and they are like a full meal and totally handy.

  9. These little bars are perfect to carry in our never know when you need a little something in between meals....good idea. hugs, Linda

  10. those snacks sound ideal. Trouble is, when the munchies hit my willpower melts like snow in June, and I would scoff the entire box. Sadly not a joke! I'm a piggy McPiglet!

    I ought to give it a whirl though, I'd dearly love to lose some of my lard. :O) x

  11. I agree entirely! I have really noticed the difference in myself by being prepared!

  12. great tips hun, as always... i must do the cheese one as that is one of my weaknesses.
    see you soon. Tx

  13. Victoria darling, carrot, apple and celery pieces with a little peanut butter or a slice of cheese is what I carry with me. I also have a bottle of water with lemon at all times and of course a hot cup of tea. Your tips are so helpful, I will try the bars.

    Thank you darling for your good wishes, we both appreciate it tremendously. My dad had a marvelous time and is already looking forward to his next birthday.

    Love & Hugs

  14. I don't think we have those ww snacks here. I'll have to check. Good tips!!

    Sand xox

  15. maybe the toffee apple cake I made yesterday was not such a good idea after all - must get my head into weight loss zone - thanks for tips x


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