Saturday, December 12, 2009


Today was a traditional Christmas day in out in London with my mum and aunts to see a West End show, 2009's choice was

It was absolutely fantastic and if you ever get an opportunity to see it I'd highly recommend it!

Tomorrow's its another traditional Christmas trip, this time to Fortnum & Mason's with my SIL and our mum's (see 2007 & 2008 posts)!

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  1. It's years since I have been to Fortnum's - I always used to buy their Royal Blend tea. Hope you have a nice time!

    Pomona x

  2. I hope you really enjoy Fortnums!
    I went there a few times...years ago!
    I have a fab Fortnums Christmas apron, from about 30 years ago...tis lovely!
    Have fun! ;-)

  3. Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

  4. Oh, I have never been to Fortnum's but my Aunt always goes whenever she is in London. I must go to London againa nd go there! The show sounds wonderful. Have a wonderful time! suzie. xxx

  5. I love traditional London days out at Christmas! My parents have been visiting this weekend for our "Christmas night out" (dinner at Quaglinos and cocktails at the Ritz!) ... get's Christmas off on the right foot :)
    Enjoy Fortnums! I need to get up there to have a look at their Christmas windows as haven't seen them this year! Have a piece of their lovely Victoria Sponge for me!

  6. sounds like the perfect weekend to me!

  7. It's wonderful to have such special traditions each year, building memories.
    Lisa x

  8. Happy shopping!! I'll be there on Tuesday... sooo looking forward to it!!
    BH x

  9. I thoroughly approve of your Christmas traditions!

  10. I love Fortnums!! I do hope it wasn't like Harrods last weekend!!! I've been wanting to see that show for years!! Not got there yet!! Maybe in 2010!!!


  11. glad you had a good time!!! Was so gutted I couldn't come!!!!

  12. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  13. Went to see this a couple of months back and had meant to blog on it myself! Glad you enjoyed it! It is good fun isn't it?! xxx

  14. Oh wow I bet that was fantastic! What a fun weekend you must have had X

  15. Just catching up on everyone's posts, I've been a bad blogger lately!

    I saw this show for my 40th and absolutely loved it, I sang and danced the whole way through it, just amazing!!

    Loving all your christmasy stuff, particularly your mum's tree. Hope you have a lovely time over the holidays. xx


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