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Brocante Home's Puttery Treats Challenge - A Re-run!

Back in November 2007 I took part in Brocante Home's Puttery Treats challenge on my first blog Vintage Tea and I thought as I have so many new followers here at Florence & Mary I'd re-post it for you to read!

I'd only been blogging a few weeks at this time so you can imagine my joy when Alison shortlisted me!! Sadly I didn't win but it was a real boost for a new blogger, esp as Brocante Home was one of the first blogs I'd came across and was a real inspiration - and of course I LOVE her Puttery Treats!

16th November 2007

I am pleased to announce that Alison over at Brocante Home has extended the deadline for her Puttery Treats Challenge which means… I can take part!!

The rules are simple… blog about your favourite
Puttery Treat ensuring Alison’s descriptions are included in full

I have taken the liberty of choosing 3 to write about today but I think they all lend to each other so well I could resist and I hope you agree.

So I start here;

Allocate a fabulously snuggly jumper or cardigan as your house jumper. Leave it folded in the basket next to your armchair for long cold nights. Men’s oversized jumpers work best. Go root through his wardrobe now. In kids rooms dig out winter jumpers and hang on their wardrobes as a visual reminder of seasonal change. Change lightweight dressing gowns for snuggly flannel, and tartan jamies and slipper socks.

When I read men’s oversized jumpers and tartan jamies I couldn’t help but chuckle as this is exactly what I feel happiest in when in the comfort of home. The minute I return home from work I run to my room to change from my work “uniform” of suit and heels into my cosies and immediately feel calm! Work is behind me now

How I came about my jumper and tartan is a story in itself. The jumper belonged to my brother, nothing special, just a grey hoodie that he left behind when he moved home… if I’m honest I have 2 of his hoodies and a t-shirt and I don’t know why, I’m usually very much an everything must match girl but wearing this concoction makes me feel at ease. Whenever he pops round and I’m wearing them he comments “nice jumper

The tartan bottoms I wear were another act of “theft”. Staying with a friend one evening she handed me some pj bottoms to sleep in, the next morning I returned home in them and the love affair began. She was happy to pass them onto me as they made me so happy; the only problem was they belonged to a former boyfriend of hers

He’ll forget about them” I said confidentially but typically he didn’t. When I saw him next he questioned me on them “but I love them” I said. It’s unspoken but these are now mine, he will still regularly joke when I see him, in much the same way as my brother, “where are my pj’s” and with a smile I say, “I’m looking after them

I love pyjama’s and have a whole draw devoted to them though these items are still my favourite, my comfort blanket maybe, I take a cup of tea to bed, climb in with hoodie still on and when I feel the warmth enveloping me I can remove it and snuggle down (and yes, i'm wearing them now!)

Of course if it’s the weekend and I’m wearing these clothes they can lead onto another
Puttery Treat…watching old movies. I love them, I always say I was born too late for my time and these movies can transport me back to places and times I wish I’d lived through

Alison says;

Old films just smack of cosy afternoons curled up on the sofa. Go through your collection and choose a little pile you haven’t watched for a while, or better yet, sign up to one of the online DVD hire companies and get old films in the mail, as and when they unexpectedly arrive. Failing that choose a deliciously old fashioned radio station and listen to the afternoon play as you potter around the house. I use Sky radio (on the tv) to select from a variety of BBC radio channels most afternoons…

Thankfully Audrey Hepburn is my idol, she decorates my bedroom and her DVD collection is on the book shelf, do I start with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, (Moonriver anyone?) or Sabrina? Want to hear a secret? Once or twice I’ve tried talking like her! Crazy I know but them clipped tones, she just sounds fabulous and elegant, and I want a piece of that!

If I have a few hours with no interruption it’s Gone With The Wind….. Rhett Butler might not give a damn but I sure do…. The colours… the clothes…. I could go on and on…..

Has anyone seen the new
Marks and Spencer’s advert? Doesn’t it just make you nostalgic (aren’t us girls always feeling that way??)

And of course that brings me to Christmas, last year a friend and I started a new tradition of Christmas film watching over the weekends,
Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, Santa Claus the Movie and we add a new one each year. She’s just brought Home Alone (although we’re worried about giving her daughter ideas!!) and I’m thinking what my contribution should be – any suggestions?

So on that note I need to follow Alison’s advice and;

Dig out all the Christmas cds and DVDs you own and put them in a basket near the TV, for impromptu festive viewing….

If I’m honest I’ve already had my Christmas cd playing in the car for the past couple of weeks!!!

Good luck to everyone else taking part and hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing

If you would like to read the post at Vintage Tea you can find it here

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  1. I love those movies too. My new favorite is Polar Express. Great movie and Tom Hanks to boot.

  2. I was watching 'Christmas with the Kranks' the other night on the laptop. I have only watched it a few times, because the bit where Tim Allen has had his botox is so funny that I very nearly wet myself laughing. :O) It's extremely festive. YOu've got all the best already in my view. 'Home Alone 2 Lost in New York' is rather wonderful, as is 'Serendipity', with Kate Beckinsale. And, I love 'Jingle All the Way with Arnie'. It was slated a bit,but I adore it. Especially as it's about a parents quest to get The Toy of The Year! I'm so glad little one isn't too aware of the in toys yet. I don't fancy waiting for hours to get one of those ratty hamster things! Love 'Santa Clause - The Movie' too, it's a classic.

    I think I remember your Vintage Tea blog, I'm sure I found it a couple of times while out surfing, but I don't think I left a comment. I'll have to take a look. Don't you love reading through your own old blog archives? It's one of my favourite things to do! I'm sad like that!

    I love that you call jumpers jumpers. Me too. The husband calls them 'jerseys', and I'm always shouting 'that's just a type of fabric'!!!

    Thanks for your email :O) will reply when I get a mo. We had a lovely anniversary. I walked to Asda with the girl in the a.m, and she talked me into buying some new shoes (I really needed to be talked into it!!!!), a lovely purple colour, gold trim, extreeeeemely high (but platform sole, so not as bad as they seem at first glance) and very vintage Top Shop looking. All for £15 - bargain! I love Asda! Can't find that gold draped front frock though, surprise surprise, it's sold out already. Shocker!!!!!


  3. I do waffle on. Sorry about that! xx

  4. Thank you Sweetheart, just thank you, thank you, thank you ok?x

  5. Hello!
    I hope you and yours are well, Victoria.
    Yay for festive viewing! I'm so gonna get a copy of the new edition of 'It's A Wonderful Life' that they've re-mastered in colour :D

  6. I dug out all the cds I own last Tuesday when I started decorating my tree..3 long hours, still a W.I.P...and I listened to the New Year's Day's concert too!LOL!

  7. What does 'puttery' mean? I am just like you with the pjs and the vids! I haven't seen the M&S ad but I find the Waitrose one very much like that... xxx

  8. I love all those films!! i would have loved to have known Audrey. x

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. I adore all the oldies, they are classic! I have quite a few in my dvd collection too! suzie. xxx

  11. Darling have a lovely weekend.

    Love & Hugs

  12. I know how you feel about baggy cosy clothes - I am just the same1

    Pomona x

  13. Great post!!! And Ican vouch for the PJ love!!!!


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