Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Painted Ladies

It’s the final stages of shall we say, the “Style” pages of WLW having revamped our wardrobes and treated ourselves to new haircuts

As we decluttered out wardrobe the same must be done of our beauty and skincare products

But firstly – do you have a skincare regime?

I am absolutely dreadful at maintaining this so I need lots of encouragement from all of you that are far better than I!

My products of choice are by Liz Earle. I find them reasonably priced, simple to use and they do a fantastic job. I can use only one morning and will be asked at work “have you been away? You look well” - clearly it does the trick

Imagine if I maintained this for more than a week!

I’m also very lazy about make up Mon – Fri. Again I go through phases of using my (extensive!) products, dabble with applying on the train (recently purchasing £80 worth of products from Bobbi Brown for this purpose) and even worse carrying round a heavy make up which doesn’t even see the light of day

The weekends are a different story and the MAC products are released from their homes and dramatic eyes are the focus

In short I’m not saying I’m perfect at this myself but I do acknowledge that when I apply lipstick or moisturise at the end of a hard day I feel better for it and I know I’d choose my face over a slimmer tum any day!

It’s time to go through your lotions, potions and powders and decide what to keep and use and what can be discarded. I must tell you that surprisingly I’ve had a lot of success on eBay selling everything from lipsticks’ to used half full bottles of moisturiser (and I’m not just talking “big brands”) so you don’t have to be out of pocket

If you can why not treat yourself to a trip to the beauty counter for a free makeover if you haven’t updated your make up since your teen years (although thankfully blue eye shadow has returned and I’m the proud owner of varying shades!)

We can often get stuck in make up ruts and forget to change our make up with the seasons or due to habit, don’t let that be you

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  1. I'm so lazy, I never really bother with any of this! I brought some face cream in Aug but it's hit or miss if I remember to use it. I use Body Shop face wash & that's it, my mum's the same & she still looks good for someone who's 67 so it must work!
    I do have a tiny CK make up bag with some Benefit make up that I brought 3 years ago. I hate going to the make up counter, I looked like a clown when I came out!
    Hopefully I don't look my age so I'm sticking with it :) x

  2. I am pretty guilty of that, partly due to the fact I have to stick to the same as my skin is just so sensitive. I loved Decleor and especially the Hydra Floral but it was too rich for me, so a small fortune was totally wasted as I'd bought the whole kit and kaboodle too!! I must admit I cant walk past a Chanel counter...oooh,my weakness is their lipgloss!!
    Have a good day
    BH x

  3. Hi Victoria

    I'm a product junkie, but I LOVE Liz Earle too. Its so lovely to use and reasonably priced, and after spending FORTUNES in the past on all sorts of expensive anti ageing creams I think hers is one of the best ranges there is. I've been using her for a few years now, and love the fact that if you buy from her directly it always comes gift wrapped with a free sample too. Make up wise I love Bare Escentuals, I used to buy it from America on hols, but now they do it in the department stores I love it because its so easy and no technique really needed - ideal for me - and apparently its good for your skin.

    I also buy a lot of skincare and makeup from QVC because they most of the brands there now (decleor, elemis, liz earle, bobbi brown etc etc) and you can try them and if they don't suit your skin or even if you just don't like them you can send them back and get a refund under their 30 day moneyback guarantee. Well worth trying I think, I've sent things back a few times no problems. They do really good value TSVs too.

    You look like you've got some fab products already though and what a great make up collection! Super organised as I would expect!

    Sally x

  4. I have always been strict when it comes to a facial routine. I used to have a facial done once a month at a beautician but since qualifying as an Aromatherapist 9 years ago, I tend do my own facials.
    I love the routine of it and take pleasure in it. I use natural products such essential oils and a range of beauty products from RAW GAIA (I love their moisturisers and other stuff too) I am through with the likes of Chanel, Estee Lauder. The results were never as a good as the natural stuff and you paid a lot more!
    My make up bag was dramatically reduced a couple of years ago. I love Bobbi Brown & MAC.
    Good luck with the weight loss. I have a sweet tooth and rely on walking a lot to help...
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  5. Hi Victoria!
    Probably the face is the only part of my body I take care of! My skin is very moisturizer, night moisturizer, cleaning fluid, exfoliation treatment. I used to buy Dior beauty products, since I discovered Just natural products ( - I've a beauty consultant who comes home whenever I need). I don't care about the money for this, because I know that it's worthy for when I will be older. No make up for me, I'm a disaster :)

  6. Victoria, thanks for all the great tips!

  7. I'm really lazy when it comes to looking after my skin and I know I'm going to come to regret it!

    I used to be really good with making sure I wore makeup every day because I used to work on a reception but once I changed jobs I got lazier and lazier and now more often than not I don't wear anything and inflict my naked face on my colleagues. Funnily enough, those are the days I end up feeling crap because I catch sight of myself in a mirror and think "My god! What were you thinking?!"

    I've heard a few good things about Liz Earle - maybe it's time to start taking my face seriously!

  8. I am 72 and faithfully use Mary Kaye cleanser and moisturizer. Although I don't look young, young my complexion is in good shape. I think the daily use is the secret. There are a lot of good products out there. Of course, since I am retired, I don't wear make up every day. Boy am I lucky. Love your blog.

  9. big fan of liz earle cleansing balm myself and have got sucked into the hype of protect and perfect x

  10. I do not stick to any regimens.....I can hardly believe that I am sticking to my diet~lol

    I soooo want to eat a big piece of Choc. cake!!!

  11. Some really good tips there Victoria, I have a routine, but forget some days, and am always switching products. Funnily enough though I never wear any eye shadow or lipstick, despite the silly amount of make up I own lol x

  12. How funny! I decluttered my make-up this week! Being a goth in my teen years - I have ALWAYS worn eye make-up ... but obviously not gothy any more! :) Last weekend I chucked out my odds and ends and treated myself to some brand spanking new Loreal eyeshadows specially for blue eyes! They are brilliant - and I have had loads of comments like "ooh - are you wearing new make-up?" It has definitely perked me up a bit.
    I am currently having a break from my Clinique skin care regime as just got so bored with it! Am on the look out for something new ... and recently got my mum some Liz Earle bits for her birthday - might give it a go myself!

  13. Not sure how I missed this post but had to join in with the comments! I'm with Sally, buy most of my beauty stuff from QVC as there is no risk involved. And guess what I've been using for the past 5 years, yep Liz Earle, I just love her cleanse and polish, never get flaky skin like with other cleansers. And I could sniff her toner all day long!!

    As for make up, am kind of a minimalist gal, never wear mascara, I know shock horror, but I really don't get on with it as am a terrible eye rubber so always end up looking like a panda ;o) Clinique are one of my fave brands for make up along with Benefit, to die for packaging! Never had a makeover, maybe I'll try one when next in Cambridge shopping. xx

  14. Ha ha it makes me laugh how we are with our MAC obsession!!!

  15. Wow so many great products... I must admit I have never really done the face lotion thing.. My skin is quite sensitive so when I have tried a product, my face just looks worse.. But I do like make up, but not foundation I have never wore it, again for some reason it makes me look worse,but I love lipsticks and blushers and eyeshadows... I have tried Pupa, Smashbox, and I am wanting to try Benefit! I am always on the look out on QVC for make up.. lol


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