Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fun Fair!

What an exhausting but FUN day!

I'm home from the Country Living Fair having fought my way through hoards of women (and some men!) to see all the wonderful goodies on offer

I was quite restrained and made only a couple of purchases, the biggest bargain being a subscription to Country Living Magazine with free Jan Constantine Christmas Stocking!

We also met the lovely Kate of Sewpatchwork which was great after so many chats over Facebook!

Tomorrow Kelly & I set off for the Premiere Inn in Bristol, ensuring a good nights sleep before the Vintage & Handmade Fair

Remember look out for these girls... they're out and about again!

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  1. Wow it looks lovely!A very fun day I would say!

  2. Glad to hear you and Kelly had a great time, have fun in Bristol.

    Darling, I just noticed that I have not yet joined your followers even though I have followed your blog for sometime now, but now I am a proud follower.

    Love & Hugs

  3. What fun! Great warming up for the vintage and handmade fair!

  4. I spy some beautiful things there! Must have been really hard to get pictures with all the crowds.

    Mel xxx

  5. Gosh it does look crowded there! But worth it for all the lovely eye candy eh!! x

  6. I wish, I wish, clicking my red shoes. NO I am still here, and not there!!! Sounds so good! suzie. xxx

  7. What a wonderful sale this was. It sounds like you had a great time and more good times are on the way tomorrow.....hugs, Linda

  8. Hi Victoria
    Thanks for showing the pics. I am aiming to go the next one in March . Paying out for things breaking at home!
    I think I would have found it very hard to be restrained even with my new decluttered motto. I think I would have been spending pennies in the last photo definaetely !
    ps my blog is open as I misssed people popping in and to be honest I got so muddled and confused and messed addresses up etc.
    take care x Dom

  9. It looks fabulous!
    I would love to have gone but have this 'other fair' to get to! See you on Saturday!! ;-)

  10. We are hoping to be there pretty early tomorrow - traffic permitting - I am sure it will be great fun!

    Pomona x

  11. Oooh Jan Constantine stocking!! I love her stuff!

    Until I saw the prices of it and I fell a little bit out of love.

    But a girl can still dream.

  12. Hi Victoria
    it was lovely to finally meet you and the girls, facebook friends in 3D as my boys called you.
    I was so tired when I got home though....but I could quite easily go back again, if I had the money which sadly I don't.
    Have a great time in Bristol
    Speak soon

  13. Everything looks so pretty! I love browing through fairs like that, i think we may have one coming up.
    What you were saying about your minnie jumper being from the kids section, i often look at kids clothes and shoes and think...if only they made it in my size! haha


  14. Hello Victoria
    I am so sorry that we missed you at the Fair yesterday! I think as we arrived late we were two women ON A MISSION, and went into SHOPPING MELTDOWN so much so that we completely forgot to eat or drink anything either, so were completely out of it at the end!
    I could not believe how many people were there! I had a trolley on wheels too so it was a bit tricky picking my way through the masses! There were some lovely things there though. I will try and post my purchases on my blog later today when I've finished making my three wreaths for our Women's Institute Craft Fair tomorrow!
    I feel so totally exhausted today though as due to the trains I didn't get back until really late but we had a fabulous time and I will definitely go again! I hope you had a good time and hopefully maybe next time we can say hi!
    Sally x

  15. I am in total awe of you and your ability to keep your pennies in your pocket. How could you not have gone totally doolally and come home with at least three bags full of stuff?

  16. um yeah sorry hunni the rock cakes are long gone, better luck next time hehehe

  17. Wow, it sounds like you have the perfect weekend planned! Enjoy the shows!

  18. Oh, I have been slowly enlarging those photos and studying them in detail! Absolutely lovely - thanks from someone who isn't ever likely to get there in person


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