Sunday, May 17, 2009

Car Boot Sale Vintage Haul #3

I don't know what the weather's been like in your neck of the woods but Essex has been pretty miserable this weekend. Saturday morning I braved the boot sale (unlike a lot of the usual sellers) but only came home with a ladybird book and some brooches
Sunday wasn't looking too promising either and by the time I'd played with this little fella the rain had started. Instead I decided to pay a visit to a local charity shop which opens on Sundays (although not until 11am so I found myself waiting outside in the car!)

I managed to find lot's of books to bring home (sadly no Enid Blyton or Ladybird) including Twinkle annuals which I used to get for Christmas when I was little. I already have some of these but for the price I couldn't resist duplicating so I can make sure my collection is the better copy.

And my first (I think who knows what I've gathered over the years and is in boxes!) piece of utility china.

You may have seen posts on this china over at Kitschen Pink and Mrs Thrifty
I'll be uploading these images on the Utility China Flickr group shortly. (Don't forget to let me know if you're on flickr or add me as a contact). What treasures did you find this weekend?

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  1. Hello! i found treasures of kindness this weekend, in old friends revisited! but i wish a couple of those brooches had of crossed my path have a beautiful blog!

  2. Oh, well done for a rainy weekend! My sunny weekend's find are on my blog, but I don't want you to feel too jealous... I don't have a cute nephew!

  3. Oh Twinkle!! I was only trying to describe the little girl with the big head to one of my friends last week and she was utterly bewildered. I'm so glad I didn't dream her up...x

  4. OMG the Great One Alison has commented, she is my homemaking guru!! BrocanteHome was my how-to for years!!

    Your little nephew is adorable ... how lucky his aunty will have so many great things for him to look at as soon as he's sitting up!

  5. What chrming books, i too remember Twinkle when i was a little girl.

    I think you may know which was my favorite out of your little lot of books though ;)


  6. Some great finds. Ahhh Twinkle. :)

    The rain has been vile here too.
    I found a piece of lupin too this weekend, a great score for utility china.

  7. Your nephew really is too cute! You had great finds again, I only went to town with my youngest so it was computershop in dvd shop out, Burger King won't wanna know the rest of our trip! Enjoy your Sunday evening reading I suppose :-)

  8. I love Sleeping Beauty and the Brooches ... Brody looks such a sweetie.

  9. Your nephew is adorable.

    Sorry to hear about the weather being awful.

    The brooches are lovely!

  10. I love your jug..and of course,being book mad, I would have picked up all of those!!

  11. I used to read Twinkle! xxx

  12. ARH! I had that Richard Scarry Rhyme book as a child - I collect him now. I also am going to do a feature on Ladybird 606D Princess collection. I even based my wedding dress on Cinderella's gold one!!

    (love the new look - had tear in eye when read about grandma's)

  13. LadyBird books! I remember those and when I was little I had this wonderful Paddington Bear letter writing set - the paper and pencils are long gone but I still have my much beloved ruler! That creamer is lovely!!! I'm on Flickr as Orange Blossom Goddess 9the old name of my blog). xo Heather

  14. I love all your 'new' old books! You have a very lovely blog :)

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