Thursday, May 14, 2009

Florence & Mary

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my new blog they made me smile and I couldn't be happier that you all followed me into my new home. A few of you asked who Florence & Mary are and quite simply the answer is my grandmothers

I was never happy with the name Vintage Tea for my blog, a name I came up with quickly one evening whilst I felt brave enough to launch myself into blogland (you can read my first post here)

I thought of many new names but nothing felt quite right until a conversation with my mum one evening about how the name Florence (her mother) was making a comeback. My lightbulb moment followed and Florence & Mary was born

(Nanny Florence with my aunt & mum)

Sadly during development I lost my Nan (Mary) so it seemed even more appropriate a name and a lovely tribute
From adventures influenced by Nanny Florence's love of charity shops and learning to match Nanny Mary's knitting skills I hope Florence & Mary will be a place they would be proud of and one you will enjoy visiting

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  1. Didn't get the chance to leave a comment to your first F&M post so let me just say now that your new home is lovely. I too wondered who Florence and Mary were. Now I know ... it makes your new home all the lovelier!

  2. congrats on your lovely new blog! lovely sentiment behind the name too. Your fave building is the same as mine!
    BH x

  3. Wow, you first ever blog post was good, I think mine was crap! I made up my blog name on the spur of the moment too but I tell myself it makes sense ;)

    Your grandmas sound lovely, I bet they'd be so pleased to know you named a blog after them.

    Mel xxx

  4. I also love your new blog! If the lady in the right of the picture is your Mum, tell her it looks like the stuff she was wearing was from my wardrobe in 1972! (Yeah, I'm that OLD)SueX

  5. I am certain that both Florence and Mary are thrilled...what a darling tribute! I will be back again.

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  6. Hi Victoria, Im so sorry to look back and read about your nanna Mary, I dont know how I missed your post about your lovely nanna (Im sending you a belated hug and really sorry I didnt at the time) Naming your blog after your nannas is a lovely tribute. When I first saw the photograph of your mum I thought it was you, but I knew it couldnt be as you would have been too young (or still a twinkle), but you are very alike X

  7. Lovely photo's, what a nice idea to name your blog after them. I wasn't sure what to call mine so like you came up with something very quick. My brother called me Josie-Mary when he was little but I can't remember why now!! He still calls me it sometimes.... when he wants something! :)

  8. This sounds great - what wonderful women to hounour with a blog name!

  9. Very lovely, so sweet. xxxx

  10. I really love your story Victoria about where you got your blog name from! What a lovely tribute to your Nannies!! Have a great weekend!

  11. Well, I popped in to say hello and whoosh! You'd gone! I like it here. All fresh and new SO lovely to make a tribute to your grans! I bet they'd just love it and be tickled pink! I look forward to seeing how it grows! t.x


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