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Beauty Products Elle Woods Would Love

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I'm first to admit that photography isn't my strongest skill as a blogger but sometimes an array of products arrive through the door that lend themselves well to the perfect image and I'm quite pleased with the result as I think Legally Blonde's Elle Woods would love seeing so much pink.

Starting with my favourite product of the bunch Embryolisse Complexion Correcting Skincare CC Cream.  Embryolisse call this a 'universal complexion perfector' with SPF 20 which will 'preserve a radiant youthfulness' and 'correct imperfections' and when they're being particularly confident with their claims it's a 'complete skincare treatment'.

To tackle a gripe first of course this is once again not a universal product, especially if like me you're using as a light base even with it's 'self-adjusting pigments'. In fact I'd be cautious if you were using otherwise as on my first uses I was concerned it was a little too orange (it wasn't my blending skills were lacking!).

Since I have been using thoroughly and as a base product I've fallen in love with it's silky and velvety finish and how radiant it leaves my skin (paired with Milani Prime Protect Face Primer it's a winning combination) and you can offer your opinion from the photo of me below. It's perfect for the Summer season.

Hyaluronic Acid helps to plump the skin aiding the blurring of my wrinkles it's a thicker consistency than I expected whilst offering ingredients which protect against ageing. Of course as a base it evens the skin tone and really does give the 'your skin but better' appearance and in fact, when not wearing I do find an improvement in my skins appearance so it is working in both areas of my daily regime.

It's pricey and matches the cost of some high end foundations at £29.99 but if you're looking for multi-use products and need to save costs on moisturisers and make up then it might be somewhere for you to look; especially as it's available 3 for 2 on skincare at Boots currently.

Benefit The Porefessional is my favourite primer and one I've repurchased many times and the bar I set all others to so I was excited when a new version was released Benefit The POREfessional Pearl Primer. Sadly I have been disappointed and thankful I picked up the small travel size to test out. Benefit claim to provide a 'lit-from-within' look on my skin I find it just a little bit subtle for me and as for my pores yes they're smoothed but I don't feel as much as the original. Of course it could be familiarity but it will be perfect for casual make up looks or indeed when I need a little help the morning after the night before.

I was worried I am so late talking about the L'Occitane and Rifle Paper Collection that I'd have to add the disclaimer of here they are but they're sold out. The good news is that's not the case and thankfully it's only limited edition packaging rather then products themselves.

I've long been a fan of L'Occitane hand creams so to see such a beautiful collaboration with Rifle Papers delightful artwork it was a match made in heaven. I was lucky enough to receive two versions of the hand cream, both with shea butter the orignal and the rose scent.

That pictured above is the Rose Shea Butter Hand Cream and whilst aesthetically pleasing with I really do not like a rose scent and found this very overpowering. Of course if you want to smell like you literally have a bouquet of flowers in your hands this is perfect for you and indeed the friend I was able to pass it onto.

The Original Shea Butter Hand Cream on the other hand is bliss. This tube sits aside my sofa at home and whilst it's not necessary to keep reapplying because it keeps hands so soft for such a length of time its a pleasure to repeat the process.

The original shea butter hand cream is not a light cream but nor is it too heavy. Thick enough for even the current climate as we switch between trying to turn our heating off but still finding a chill in the air of an evening.

Hands are not left feeling greasy after use and there is barely a scent so it doesn't interfere with other fragrance I might be wearing.

Hand cream and lip balms are the product I use most often as even when I can't be bothered to apply make up or even a skincare regime I can't bear dry hands or lips. Lypsyl kindly sent me a couple of lip balms from their range of newly reformulated products and such is my regular usage they've ended up in the empties pile already albeit unfortunately because they both suffered from the warm weather and snapped before I'd reached the bottom.

Each stick contains ingredients to hydrate and smooth lips and you can pick your choice from flavours such as Mint or Cucumber or my favourite Cherry.

Another product that's made it's way into the empties pile is Hempz Pomegranate Body Wash thanks in part to coming along on my recent trip to Las Vegas. Hempz is a US brand easily found on the shelves at Ulta. It's a little more difficult for us in the UK to track down but they have now launched online in the UK.

This is not your cheapest body wash at £16.99 for 250ml and it's neither the most luxurious but I cannot deny the scent is something amazing and all ingredients are vegan friendly including, with a nod to their name, 100% hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil is rich in numerous vitamins, all essential in maintaining healthy and (cough) younger looking skin and hair. I can't say whether my body wash is aiding youthful skin and I'm afraid my grey's still need regular touch ups but skin is certainly not striped and is left feeling nourished which is something necessary for someone like me who is lax with applying body lotions.

As for the scent I'm calling this my Summer version of Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir. It's not as dark and more fruity but I love it. And a look through the Hempz website will show you an array of products in the scent ranges. And as I experienced with the Hempz body lotion their products feel like they last a lifetime as a little goes a long way.

How do you feel about pink packaging? Is it cliched or do you want to see more of it?

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