Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Power of 3 | Hawaiian Tropic Fragrance Mist

Hawaiian Tropic Fragrance Mist

Did you know I have triplet aunties? Rather great especially if I tell you one is married to a twin but as fabulous as this little bit of trivia about me is it does prove problematic because come Christmas or Birthdays everything seems to be done in threes. Of course they are well of the age when quarrels wouldn't occur if one got something the other wanted but still, sticking with something of a theme always helps.

Of course I love 3 for 2 offers but also giftsets also come in handy as often I can split the products between my aunts (or indeed any family and friends celebrating) and maximise the gift budget for them, such is the case with the Hawaiian Tropic Fragrance Miss Giftset* I received this week.

Whilst I know the leaves are turning brown and falling from the trees and if we were all playing drinking games every time someone mentioned how 'Autumnal' they were feeling or that they'd just picked up a Pumpkin Spiced Latte we'd all be needing a detox clinic but I'm still not quite ready thanks to my trip to Florida next month and as such loved receiving the 'scents of summer'.

I will admit I wouldn't necessarily head to the shops and think 'oh I need to buy a fragrance mist' or body spray as I have a healthy perfume collection and that ticks the box for me, but thanks to press samples I receive as a blogger (which this is) I do find I often have a body spray of some description lurking around which I reach for on weekends when lazing around in pyjamas or of an evening post bath when I climb into bed so maybe in the future it is something I would seek out.

The Hawaiian Tropic collection of fragrance mists are indeed all pleasant to use and then scents do provide, depending on your preference for the fragrances, a significant wear time with a smell that isn't too synthetic or heady.

Golden Paradise* is perhaps my favourite but I think it is very much due to the 'creamy coconut' scent that will instantly transport you to any Summer holiday you've had. Sunkissed Dreams* fggg feels like your more traditional perfume thanks to lotus flower and sheer musts and Summer Dreams* will be one favoured by those who love scents of passion flower and mango.

As I've said these aren't products I would typically reach for or indeed the type of scent I favour in a perfume spray or mist but they are quite enjoyable and I will definitely be ensuring I keep one for myself for those lazy days when I need to perk myself up.

Hawaiian Tropic FChristmas

Are you a fragrance mist user?

*this post contains press samples and affiliate links

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