Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New In | Summer Fragrances

Yardley London state in their about me page that they are famous as a purveyor of luxury fragrances and soaps and admittedly that would be why I would dismiss them, as someone I'd only visit to purchase talc and soap for older relatives at Christmas time but that is about to change with the arrival of Yardley London English Freesia to the Floral Classics Fragrance collection.

My first instinct was that I would not be a fan of to a scent from a 'floral collection' but English Freesia is, as Yardley describe 'a refreshing light citrus floral fragrance' which from first spritz I've enjoyed and thought it another great scent for Summer and as English Freesia is the flower to both celebrate 7th wedding anniversaries and friendship a great gift idea.

Yarley London English Freesia* is a sweet scent and perhaps younger than what I would think from Yardley London but that's once more my preconceived ideas of the brand and these sweet floral scents but thanks to a musky amber background it's something I find quite wearable. As an Eau de Toilette it's not the longest last fragrance and I find myself needing to spray once or twice a day but for under £10 it's not something I mind and quite enjoy the refresh. I also have the complimenting English Freesia Nourishing Hand Cream* which I'd refer to as a 'vanity hand cream' and by that I mean it doesn't keep hands soft and smooth for hours after application but I favour it for that very reason. The scent isn't overwhelming and ideal for sitting on my desk in the office for multiple reapplications throughout the day.

Another fragrance I've been wearing in recent weeks is IXXI Cosmetics Tonnelle Gourmande Fragrant Water* which has notes of fig, blackcurrant, freesia popping up once again and many other notes that I wish I could explain in a more authoritative manner. Once again this isn't the longest lasting scent but during Summer I find I'm prone to reapplying perfume more often if only to protect from the sweaty smells that can linger from some passengers on the London Underground. It's slim bottle is reminiscent of the rollerball perfumes that many stockpile on trips to Sephora but for some reason haven't reached the UK but for me, it's the fact it is a spray and not a rollerball that gives it the thumbs up from me.

What is your favoured Summer fragrance?

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