Tuesday, April 18, 2017

St Lucia Skincare Regime

Clarins Eye Make Up Remove Dupe

Following on from my post on DHC Cleansers today I'm sharing some more products in my skincare line up from my trip to St Lucia last month. First up is an impressive high street favourite, B Stubborn Make Up Remover* which is a dual action formula and certainly reminds me of the Clarins version, in fact I prefer its formula and price. I'm not someone who wears heavy eye make up but still prefers to remove what I do wear, including mascara before cleansing properly and this works a treat. I don't even find there is any left over product needing removal when I follow with an oil cleanser or similar. As I tend to use this for eye make up removal, similar products can leave the eye area irritated but I do not find that with the B make up remover with it's Vitamin B5 and Cucumber Juice ingredients. As a contact lense wear I can find dual action formulas or oils will leave a greasy film on my eyes but that is not a danger with this product and currently half price at Superdrug at only £3.95 this is a bargain.

Next up are two old favourites from Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer and Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion . The latter is the perfect product if you're a hayfever season, and like me you're starting to find yourself reaching for the antihistamines to avoid scratching your eyes out. If you're the type to lay back and relax soaking a cotton pad with Eyebright and then taking five definitely treats suffering eyes, or in my case on holiday I used the formula to refresh eyes before a night out.

The instant boost skin tonic is one of my favourite products and I especially love it's Spritzer bottle as I find it more favourable to use. Thanks to a combination of Caribbean sun, air conditioning and salt spray from one to many boat trips a quick spray from the skin tonic ensured my skin was hydrated and radiant looking.

My serum step was met by This Works Energy Bank Skin Glow* which interestingly had been put on hold since my last Summer holiday. A a multi-tasking serum for lacklustre skin and notice a theme, adding hydration it was a light weight product that suited my vacations conditions. Applied in the mornings, or before heading out of an evening it's ingredients of Vitamin C and Red Algae Extract refine and brighten skin.

Having returned home to brighter, but cooler conditions than I was used to in St Lucia all these products remain in my skincare routine and work equally as well - the eyebright is certainly getting a lot of use thanks to the time of year.

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  1. Meh - I'm still hit and miss getting onto your blog :-( I might try via facebook :-) - I've got some Liz Earle ready to go that I got for Christmas - I'm hoping I'm going to get on with it as I gave my m-i-l the shampoo and conditioner as it made my hair greasy - literally as I was drying it it just looked awful was gutted. Anyhoo - hope you are well xxx

    1. Why are they trying to keep us apart? What does it say when you try to log on to the site?

      I didn't have any luck with the Liz Earle shampoo and conditioner either but the skincare always gets the thumbs up from me.

      Great to hear from you as always x

  2. Great post, loved seeing your photo's on Instagram from your hole. These products all sound great, I used to use the LE toner and haven't for a long time, this has made me want to use it again, I have popped it onto my "to buy" list xxx


    1. I will be sharing some more posts from the holiday I'm just working my way through editing all the photos!! I just find the Liz Earle skincare is simple and affordable when you don't want too many bells and whistles. I hadn't used the toner for some time before the holiday and it reminded me how much I love it and it's even more perfect for this time of year xx

  3. If your trip was as lovely as this background I bet you had a wonderful time!
    Summer / summersbeauty.co.uk xx

    1. I had a fabulous trip and the views were certainly amazing


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