Thursday, September 1, 2016

On The Desk Beauty Essentials

Carmex New Flavours

Today I’m back to work after a wonderful week spent in Italy – apologies for the social media spam of my trip – so I thought it was appropriate to share with you some of my essentials I keep either on the desk or close to hand.

First up is two less than sexy products, Tweezerman Pointed Tweezer and Elegant Touch Cuticle Nippers and both for less than sexy reasons. Both these are new additions to my ‘on the desk’ beauty after many occasions where I’d see or feel a stray hair or have a hang nail which would be cause of irritation, no amount of chewing (see, sexy!) would tackle or I’d make it worse meant I needed the tools on hand to do the job properly and mean I could carry on with my work for the day.

Tweezerman and Elegant Touch are both great brands that create the ideal tools for these types of jobs. Yes it was difficult spending £20 on ‘tweezers’ but when I think about how often I use them and that they do the job properly – we’ve all had a dodgy pair of tweezers right – I don’t mind so much. And cost per use is always fair.

Moving on to the more pleasant products and it’s no surprises a hand cream is featured. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I think if there is one ‘favourite’ beauty product of all time it’s hand cream. For someone who had previously never bothered with hand cream I now go through tubes of the stuff and I need one close to hand (pardon the pun) at all times. Currently I’m enjoying another scent from Roger & Gallet Bois D’Orange Hand CreamSublime* and I’m a big fan of their hand creams. Non greasy and a variety of scents to please everyone and even better for this time of year there’s an SPF of 15.

Interestingly this Sublime fragrance will take you on a ‘radiant journey through the sun-filled orange groves of Italy’ that it’s a timely reminder of my recent trip. I love orange scents and this is just the right note without being overpowering or my hands smelling like I’ve peeled an orange.

Another fruity scent, and reminder of the cocktails I indulged in on my trip is the newest flavour from Carmex,Peach and Mango Burst*. I’ve been enjoying Carmex recently as their Cherry favour resides in my sofa stash and is reached for regularly and then of course there’s the Leopard Print Pot I keep in my handbag. This newest scent, if you’ll allow me to state the obvious is a delicious ‘tasting’ Peach and Mango that feels like Summer every time I apply. I wasn’t, and am not really a fan of the way these tubes dispense the product as I do find them a little messy but I like the product enough that I disregard that and slather on with abandon. As I say the Cherry flavour sits at home and is popped on at night when I’m not too worried about mess and in work I favour Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me as it has a sheer tint that allows me to hide any diminishing red lipstick and saves reapplying when I’m feeling lazy. That said on some occasions I’m finding lips a little drier because I’m perhaps wearing a matte lip and need to moisturise before reapplying on a night out and that’s when I reach for Carmex Peach and Mango Burst.

Of course there are many other products I keep to hand in my desk draw, even a spare dress for impromptu nights out! Do let me know if you’d like a further peek inside my desk drawers and what I have to hand in case of a beauty emergency. 

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  1. I need the Carmex peach and mango burst - it sounds amazing!

    Happy new month, lovely! xx

  2. I love hand creams, I think I have too many and I always keep one on my desk and 2-3 in my handbags! New follower :)


    1. Oh yes me too... I have them 'to hand' haha! Thanks for the follow

  3. eeeh- I've been on my hollies too - I might have walked past you in Italy!! Anyhoo, I really need to investt in some decent tweezers - I think mine are out of a cracker!!

    1. There's a lot to be said for a decent pair of tweezers - makes such a difference! x


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