Sunday, July 3, 2016

Breakfast with JimJams

At the weekend I love nothing more than treating myself to a breakfast treat. My general rule is something quick that I can pop on a plate and carry back to bed with my morning cuppa with minimal effort. Sometimes I like to put in a little extra effort, especially if I have friends visiting.

I would imagine on Pinterest this is what they'd call a 'hack' as it's such a simple pairing that makes you appear as if you've been slaving in the kitchen all morning and should be entering the Great British Bake Off.

First reach for some pastry or dough of your choosing. Usually I'd use the Jus-Rol Croissant Dough but on this occasion there was only Pain Au Chocolat available and in fact it was a nicer, flakier pastry so I'll definitely get this again. I discarded the chocolate bars and instead reached for my jar of JimJams Hazelnut Chocolate Spread*.

I must confess I'm not one of those people that spoons chocolate spread from jar or had a childhood growing up on Nutella as I wasn't a fan of chocolate (I didn't even like Easter Eggs!) so I'd say I'm less biased and more open to other brands of chocolate spread, especially when JimJams contains 83% less sugar than other brands - justification if any to eat more surely?

JimJams is a family brand, devised to provide their children with healthier alternatives to those on the high street. Gluten Free, Diabetic Friendly, the list goes on as to why you would want to pick JimJams.

Returning to my breakfast, simply prepare your dough / pastry and then spread as much chocolate spread as your sweet tooth desires. Pop in the oven and voila, after a matter of minutes you have your very own chocolate-y breakfast. Perfect.

This breakfast might not win any awards for skill but it's a crowd pleaser.

*this post contains press samples

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  1. Sounds delicious. A little bit of a French patisserie in your kitchen.

  2. Sounds amazing. I love chocolate spread. x

  3. I am a huge fan of nutella but always feel so guilty when I overindulge in it so this looks great if there's less sugar in it! I'll have to look out for it in the shops.

    Emma xx

    A Little Freckle


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