Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Book Review | Strictly Between Us

Strictly Between Us by Jane Fallon was a book I really enjoyed reading and polished off in a matter of days. I found it fell into a 'grown up chick lit' category with a somewhat sinister edge.

Tamsin and her best friend Michelle have been inseparable since they were teenagers. Even now they spend all their time together, along with Patrick, Michelle's handsome husband.

So when Tamsin hears a rumour that Patrick is having an affair, she is furious. Unwilling to ignore it, Tamsin plots a scheme to catch Patrick in the act, using her assistant Bea as live-bait. It should be fool proof. After all, Tamsin can trust Bea with anything. From her daily coffee order to fetching her dry-cleaning, writing reports and doing all the filing - Bea does everything with a smile on her face. 

Except Tamsin never considered Bea might have her own agenda. And if she does, then Tamsin really needs to watch her back....

I enjoyed the way the story was shared, it felt like listening to a friend over a glass of wine telling the tale of someone they knew. Tamsin was telling you the story, it was written as if it you were being spoke directly to and I almost wanted to ask questions and often found myself smiling or nodding and at the very least understanding how often curiosity can kill the cat.

Tamsin was an intelligent successful woman but flawed and we all like to think we're not so naive until we find ourselves in a situation slapping our head against the wall. Some will naturally earmark the villains and one in particularly is extremely vile with no remorse for their actions whilst others are scrabbling around trying to protect themselves.  It's interesting to see the workplace relationships unfolding and something I could relate to on some levels.

This was the first book I'd read by Jane Fallon but I'll certainly be exploring some more.

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  1. Ooooo the scandal. I do like a book like this x x

  2. I really like Jane Fallon, Getting Rid Of Matthew is a good one, and Got You Back, this sounds good too, I shall add it to my list xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  3. Not read any of hers but I have a list of books to get from the library and that's one I want along with jenny eclairs moving xx


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