Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Travel Essentials | Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

One of the best purchases I've ever made is my Apple World Travel Adaptor Kit. It literally takes the hassle out of travelling, well ok maybe that's a stretch but when it comes to charging my iPhone and other Apple products it's so handy.

If like me your are fully immersed in the Apple bubble with your iPhone, iPad and Macbook and take them on your travels then the World Travel Adapter Kit is for you. Containing a set of seven plugs to fit wherever you may be in the world from Europe to American and even further afield like Australia and Hong Kong never do you need to worry about being unable to charge your phone. I mean god forbid we're unable to Instagram the sunrise on the beach.

You might rightly wonder why you need this in addition to a regular adaptor plug but the beauty of these plugs designed for Apple products is that you plug directly into the power socket of whatever destination you find yourself in using the regular USB port cable linked to your device.

I picked this kit up in the airport when travelling abroad a few years ago and fearful that I would suffer the repeated fate of my US adaptor plug not working properly with my usual charger and it's been well used ever since.

I actually rarely take a separate plug adaptor now as it is often only my Apple products that require charging during my trips which cuts down on luggage - anyone else find normal travel plugs so bulky?

If you're an Apple user and travel a lot I think £25 for this kit is a bargain, even if like me so far you've only used the US and European adaptors.

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  1. Gosh, how useful is that bit of kit! ;)

  2. We have this kit too. It's amazing isn't it :D Found you via the 'Thirty Plus' FB page

  3. I am definitely going to pick one of these up, we are all in the apple bubble in our house so it would be something we use a lot when we're away on holiday, I haven't ever seen these so thank you for sharing :) xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. It was one of the those things I didn't know I needed till I saw it!

  4. I might have to look into that! I wish the same plug was just used everywhere. It'd make things so much easier :)


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