Friday, December 12, 2014

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box

Discovery Club from The Fragrance Shop* link
Let's be honest, perfume is pretty simple you either do or don't like the smell of something but sometimes the spritz of a tester in store isn't enough and there aren't always samples to take home on offer. That is where The Fragrance Shops Discovery Club comes in.

Much like the beauty boxes bloggers know and love every quarter for the price of £5 per box you will be sent a selection, at a minimum of five vials, of fragrances to try. I don't know about anyone else but I always used to think those vials of perfume received as samples wouldn't last more than one spray but I received a Discovery Box for Christmas last year from mum and spent the year working my way through these samples and it's surprising how long they last. One would certainly last a weekend break and one or two would more than cover your Summer holiday.

I complain I don't have a great sense of smell but I know what I do and don't like from my fragrances on first spray. When I do find something I like I prefer to wear it throughout the day and see how it settles and works with my skin, then I will choose to buy the larger size. One of the samples in the Discovery Box I received is a fragrance on my wish list following some testing from a sample.

Back to the current quarter's box which is to celebrate two years of the Discovery Club and is the Classic Collection for Winter 2014*. Filled with familiar fragrances such as Jean Paul Gautier and Angel from Thierry Mugler and new to me from Lacoste and Jimmy Choo. There's even some Boss from Hugo Boss and another from Issey Miyake to share with the man in your life. Due to the celebrations this box even includes Modern Muse in a 7ml size for you to try and I for one can't wait to try this out properly.

I think this is a great way to avoid perfume disasters such as a friend had when she tried a perfume which she loved the smell of when I wore it. Unfortunately the strong scent completely changed on her so much so that after half an hour she had to go and have a shower to wash it off as she couldn't bear the thought of having to go out wearing it. Extreme yes, but possible for all.

Your Discovery Box will also come with a rather comprehensive booklet telling you about the fragrances you've received even down to their top, heart and base notes which is a great way for you to start to build a picture of the sort of scents you enjoy beyond 'floral', 'musky' and so on.

Whilst I certainly see the appeal of beauty boxes and have hovered over the sign up button once or twice I'm always swayed by thinking I could spend that money on a specific product I know I want/like whereas with perfume and the competitive price of these boxes it's a much better deal.

I appreciate bloggers must be driving everyone nuts with their 'this would make a good Christmas present' line for anything featured in blog posts but I love the idea of paying £20 for a gift for someone that they will receive throughout the year rather - and it certainly takes the guess work out of what they might like and next year you might have a request for the full size bottle of something they tried!

You can find details on the Discover Club here. I'd love to hear your comments on whether you like the sound of this subscription service.

*PR Sample

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  1. Sounds like a great idea, I would love to have this for Christmas. I don't wear any perfume as I can never find any I like, they always smell so much nicer on other people :( x

    1. You don't wear perfume???!?! Yep you def need this box then to find out what you like!! x

  2. Replies
    1. As I said I'm not one for beauty boxes but I loved this idea!

  3. I'm a big fan of Beauty Boxes, as they've introduced me to some products that are must-haves for me now, and that I probably wouldn't have discovered otherwise. Agree, though, that you do end up with some things that you won't ever use, so that is a down side. I don't think the perfume box would be for me as I find the tiny vials of perfume really fiddly and annoying, but I agree it's a great way to sample a selection of different fragrances. x

    1. Well looks like we have it covered, you keep the beauty boxes and I'll keep the fragrance ones!! LOL! x

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