Monday, September 1, 2014

Roughing it at MeatMission

A few weeks ago my friend and I met for a catch up and some cocktails at Steam & Rye. When the late night munchies got the better of us and without a table available there we jumped into a cab over to Hoxton and went to church, namely MeatMission.

Housed in an old church the rather dark and rustic venue is definitely more about roughing it and getting down and dirty with your hands despite the rather gorgeous stained class roof and biblical menus.

Before we get down to the business of the food there's a few important things to note. Whilst there are booths available our booking for two saw us sitting in amongst it on benches opposite one another and crammed between other couples. Not too much of a problem although we were sitting right in the middle and wearing a dress caused a challenge for getting in and off of the bench - dress appropriately! 

MeatMission is a place you get your hands dirty. You are thrown a fork but the real business is down with your hands. Food is served on trays and you dive straight in. We both went for 'simple' cheeseburger and an abundance of onions. The burgers were delicious (still no match for Patty & Bun though!) and you can choose your accompanying sauces from the table and there is a real need for kitchen roll, no dainty napkins here.

There was a lively atmosphere in MeatMission due to the USA World Cup game playing so it's certainly not the place to chat but definitely one for when you want a casual burger somewhere different. To be critical the service wasn't great. We ordered drinks when our food was delivered and didn't see them before we left which was a shame but otherwise it's somewhere I'd happily return.

My next burger stop will be Umami Burger in Las Vegas, I can't wait to see how that compares.

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  1. Ooh I love meat mission! :) their burgers are very yummy! :D I'll have to try patty and bun!

  2. I like it there....but something tells me Vegas will be better ;)

  3. OMG - that looks SO good! I haven't had red meat in years but this post has me rethinking that decision!!! :O)

    Meghan xo

  4. This looks like an interesting place, I don't know if I'd like having to climb over the bench and sit with others though, I'm not a fan of mingling when I don't have to!

    Corinne x

    1. This is definitely the sort of place you have to be happy to get up close and personal with strangers!

  5. Oooh, you're making me hungry again ... x


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