Friday, September 13, 2013

Yellow Roses

Vintage Victoria Plum

I can't keep flowers alive for love nor money. Many a weekend I'd treat myself to a bunch of flowers to decorate my home and within hours they're a wilting mess not to mention my floristry skills aren't the best. If you've read my previous posts (link) you'll know I'm lucky enough to have a fabulous florist who makes all their arrangements with faux flowers which even I'd be hard pushed to kill. When I discovered this gorgeous vintage Victoria Plum jam jar on eBay I knew it was destined for some yellow roses which are my favourite and still look fabulous as we head into Autumn.

Are you a faux flower fan or is that the ultimate faux pas in your book?

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  1. Love your Victoria Plum jar it suits the yellow roses. I'm definitely a fresh flower girl after I once bought a vase of faux lilies I was sick of them after a couple of months!! xx

  2. very pretty, and I love the jar.

    I bought yellow, cream and orange roses yesterday. I buy fresh flowers each week. And during if I get the chance! Right now I have flower overload in the living room, but I'm not complaining!

    have a fab weekend x

  3. Lovely! I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Very creative with the plum jar :)
    For display in the home, I prefer faux flowers because the won't wilt.
    I love real flowers in the garden though.


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