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#theSOproject // Week 1 Skincare

It stands to reason that the first post in the #SOproject is skincare as it is literally the starting point. If you don't look after your skin you will pay the price and without prepping the skin no amount of fancy make up tricks will work to their full potential. That said and despite my collection of skincare goods above it is only the last couple of months I have really started paying attention to my skincare and that is in large part from reading Caroline Hirons blog and my subsequent skincare consultation with her which you can read about here.

Halfway through writing my post I found it was getting to long as there is so much to learn about double cleansing and so on and each step is a blog post in itself. I found myself constantly referring back to Caroline's blog posts and advising you read her cheat sheets on the various steps that it made sense to start again and simply say read Caroline's blog.

I hope no one finds that cheating but part of sharing wisdom is to share the resources you use and defer to those that really know. I wish I'd had such a blog to read years ago so I didn't rely on removing my make up after a night out but rubbing my face into the pillow!

Having done my reading here is my regime and some products I use

Eye Make Up Remover

Despite Caroline saying you don't need to have an extra step in removing your eye make up with something other than your cleanser I like to do so. I've suffered a number of eye infections over the past year and like to remove the eye make up in the first instance and also prefer that than seeing a wash of black on my cleansing flannel. Remover of the moment is L'Oreal's offering, Liz Earle's eyebright is washed over my eyes in the mornings to help wake me up when all I want to do is hit the snooze button and the one I stay away from, Clinque - that one stung dreadfully.


I've never been good at a full cleansing regime and here I am with an array of products and double cleansing! Micellar waters are for my lazy days and I always ensure I have one by my bedside with some cotton wool pads so I have no excuse when I'm too lazy to walk to the bathroom! My Rodial cleansing balm is absolutely luxurious and a dream to use (and a bargain price if you saw yesterdays post here)


Toning has long changed from being the forgotten step, an afterthought to simply remove last traces of your make up. I was even told at Kiehls when I started taking my skincare seriously that I didn't even need to use toner - read about that here. As well as double cleansing I'm double toning, an exfoliating toner; Pixi Glow Tonic and one for Hydrating, Nude Purify Toning Water. Another favourite for hydrating is Liz Earles Skin Tonic and I've recently been swapping out Cadaulie Beauty Elixr.


This month I was going to treat myself to Origins Ginzeng moisturiser but having gathered my stash for this photo I don't really think I can justify it. I am still playing around with moisturisers trying to find one I like. Currently I'm swapping between the L'Occitane Ultra Rich face cream and Clinque's Youth Surge which the latter of I'm not too keen on. I am very happy with my night time treatment of Kiehls Midnight Recover Concentrate. This smells divine and is the prefect step of an evening. I'm not a fan of oils as can't bear my skin feeling greasy but this one is just the right balance. Pricey this may be but I'm using it nightly since April and I'm not even half way through the bottle as you only need a small drop so initial outlay is costly but on a price per use basis it's very fair.

Serums and Eye Creams

Serums etc are an area I'm still looking into. Ultimately there are no wonder treatments and at 34 I've left things a little late and am extremely lucky to show too many signs of ageing. I've been using the Balance Me Facial Expression* filler for some weeks now and much prefer it to Kiehls Line-Reducing Concentrate which I had such promise for. Bare Minerals Multi-Wrinkle* is a product I've yet to try so stay tuned for a review on that.

Hydraluron is a blogger staple new to my arsenal. It's not the nicest product to use as it's quite tacky on the skin but if it locks in the moisture I will continue using. Clinques Even Better Eyes is another new product so I can't comment on that too much as yet.


And finally my two masks of choice at the moment. Clarin's HydraQuench Cream-Mask which I use as an overnight treatment or now I've finished my GlamGlow Mud mask (read a review here) it's the turn of Origins Charcoal mask of which a review will come soon.

I hope this post wasn't too long for you and if you've stuck it out and you're still reading; thank you! I'd love to hear any of your skincare recommendations and if you try any of the products I've mentioned I'd love to know your thoughts.

*PR Sample

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  1. Awesome post! I love that Origins Charcoal mask, it's great :)


  2. The Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is my lifesaver. Not tried the Liz Earle Spary Tonic spray yet though, is it any good? Also is the Pixi Glow Tonic worth the hype? xx

  3. I've heard so many great things about the Garnier caffeine eye roll on but whenver I triy to find it I always end up coming across the tinted one which I wasn't a huge fan of :(


  4. My favourite post I've read so far on the SO project. As a fellow skincare enthusiast (and Caroline fan girl) I love to read a skincare post where the person knows what they're talking about and doesn't talk about nonsense like toners closing pores, or recommending foaming cleansers/toners with a bucket full of alcohol in them :)) xx

  5. Glow tonic! Your lucky to get your hands on some! In love with most of your products...very good taste ;) lots of them make it into my routine too :)



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