Monday, July 22, 2013

DIPTYQUE; Eau Moheli Eau De Toilette Roll-On

DIPTYQUE; Eau Moheli Eau De Toilette Roll-On Review

Whilst I enjoy reading about perfumes from fellow bloggers I rarely pay much attention being a fussy sort who tends to stick to the perfume I know and love (Chanel Coco Mademoiselle & Vivienne Westwood Boudoir fyi) . A few months ago the new release from Diptyque saw reviews doing the rounds so whilst in a far too frequent lunchtime browse of Space NK I decided to have a spritz and see if I could see what all the fuss was about. I was pleasantly surprised but not instantly bowled over and carried on my business... but throughout the afternoon all I could smell was Eau Moheli and loved it!

So much was my love that on leaving work I headed straight back to Space NK and picked up the roll on version which is perfect for throwing in my handbag. As you can see from the bottle I am steadily working my way through the bottle and it's the perfect scent for the glorious Summer we are finally having rather than my heavy choices.

What is your Summer scent this year?

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  1. Oooh, must check this out, sounds nice! x

  2. ooh, not heard of it, must try it.

    'glorious summer'. what the actual heck are you on about?! Not glorious, it's poxy and annoying!

  3. I like the Lidl supermarket perfume, £3.99 and very much like your favourite Chanel one ;) The mens version is gorgeous too.

  4. Mademoiselle is my "signature scent" as they say ... and the neatest thing is now my daughter will catch a whiff of it somewhere and say "Ohh! that smells like mommy!" Hopefully she will always remember me when she smells it!

    Another note -- your comment on my blog is how I found out about Kate at the hospital this morning!! AHH!! Thank you :)

  5. I want to try diptyque, never tried it... Rouge Bunny Rouge do gorgeous scents. Flowerbomb is my all time favourite though!

    Love Em x

  6. What a gorgeous bottle! Thanks for coming by honey. I had a fabulous trip!!! I'm launching a new giveaway today and I think you'll love it...come over later! Kori xoxo


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