Thursday, December 27, 2012

Festive Festivities

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, it really feels like this years went by in a blur - especially as I was back to work today! 

I didn't post much over Christmas instead preferring to enjoy all the season brings including the decorating of my Christmas tree with my niece and nephew

Christmas and Boxing Day were filled with much fun and laughter, particularly Boxing Day when my aunt ended up like this

Gifts for me this year were very grown up and among others were things I needed for my home

I'm in love with my new coffee machine - even if I did need a lesson from my mum on how to use it!

So do tell, what did Santa bring you?

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  1. I thought Santa was bringing me a coffee machine this year but the git didn't, did get lots of other goodies though :o)

    Beki xx

  2. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous! Homey gifts make the perfect presents in my eye xxx

  3. Love the great photo of your Aunt, and what beautiful gifts you received!! Your friends and family have good taste ;)

  4. Your presents are very glam! Love the photo of your aunt....haha! xx

  5. Your tree look fab and what great pressies! XX

  6. your poor Aunt! Probably had a king sized headache AND was splashed over your blog for all to see!

    You got a great stash of goodies there. Cook books & perfume, that pretty much sums up my pressies. All the things I love! x

  7. I am much the same - I took a whole blogging week off!

    You presents look fab.

  8. *Your*

    And I bet your poor auntie had a bad head. :(


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