Friday, July 6, 2012

Butter Up

I was sorting through some old photos earlier this week and loved these I found of my nephew - clearly not  having a knife didn't stop him buttering his roll

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  1. How glorious!
    I love children for these little moments of genius!
    Sue x

  2. Good for him, I bet he felt proud doing it all by himself!

  3. Ah bless him! Children are so ingenious aren't they?
    Victoria xx

  4. haha... how funny!!! I used to stick my fingers in the butter so my cat could lick them under the table...not sure why my mum was so cross! xx

  5. Ah so cute!! I routinely catch one of my 3 kids with their fingers in the butter just eating it...yuck!

  6. So sweet! I once couldn't find a spoon so stuck my whole hand in the golden syrup tin; i was about 6 at the time!

  7. ha!! cute.

    mmmm isn't butter and bread the best xx


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