Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rockabilly Wedding

Yesterday I spent another interesting day at a Rockabilly themed wedding renewal!
Here I am with the bride in her fabulous Vivien of Holloway dress. My SIL who is currently going through a Rackabilly phase got very excited about the theme and asked to do my hair and make up

Didn't she do a great job and believe it or not thanks to an awful lot of hairspray I'm still sporting it this morning (easier than tackling brushing out the backcombing!)

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  1. love it, and what fun! The hair & make up look superb.

    Amazingly enough,l I've just spent ages on a similar clothing website, where I found the most fabulous dress for summer, but they didn't have my size. However, they had some shoes that I have to get, so all's not lost.

    I went through a bit of a 50's phase in my teens, loved it. Great fun!

  2. I love the hair and makeup, very authentic.

  3. You look awesome! What a great theme to a party!

  4. You look lovely! I love the Rockabilly look, over the years it keeps coming back which always makes me happy! :) xx

  5. That dress is so gorgeous, very lovely. And your hair looks fab! xxx

  6. wow you look gorgeous vic :) the hair is awsome and your dress is beautiful. lovely lovely :) x


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