Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review | Radox Bath Smoothies

I was recently sent a bottle from the Radox Bath Smoothies range to test and review which I was more than happy with as lately I've been loving my bath time (esp on a Sunday evening after X Factor!!)

I received Soul Soother which incorporates chamomile, blackcurrant and cranberry all to help "calm the mind"  so really perfect for that end of the day bath and a pleasant alternative to Lavender and of course some cranberry helps get us into the Christmas spirit!

You can see from the photo I've made a dent in the bottle already although very little is required to have a fabulous bubbly bath and the smell in my bathroom is gorgeous - and my skin feels just that after too!

Radox also included "The Ultimate Bath Report" so here are some interesting facts for you on bathing!

Did you know 37% of bathers read a book in the bath yet only 3% play with a rubber duck!

The temperature for the perfect bath is 38 degrees!

Oddly (in my opinion!) the celebrity male most women want to share a bath with is Prince Harry!!

75% of people take a bath to relax which makes sense with top bath fragrance being Lavender

And the favourite song people like to listen to in the bath.... "Someone like you" by Adele (followed by Yellow Submarine!)

So tell me, do you prefer a bath or a shower?

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  1. Having just had my first bath in 8 weeks ;) - I'd say a bath. Was just lovely to get in and have a very long soak :)

  2. Shower although, I think i need to make time for a nice soak now xx

  3. i'd prefer having a bath though sometimes i dont have the time for it so i mostly take showers than bath but i always take the time at least a few times a week to have a bath, to relax, listening to the radio, a few scented candles and tea at hand while soaking in bubble bath, the radox smoothies looks heavenly, is it already out? i'll have to look in sainsburys for that and try it myself! x susan

  4. I mostly take showers but I do occasionally love a bath!!

  5. Chamomile, blackcurrant and cranberry sounds lovely, I bet it smells divine. I prefer a shower, though a bath is definitely more relaxing.

  6. I'm a shower girl but jump in the bath when it's leg shaving time. Whenever I try it in the shower I nearly always end up on my arse!

    Mind you if I had a bath like that one in Pretty Woman then I'd be in it all the time ;o) xx

  7. Hu V, I shower daily but do love to have a soak in the bath in the winter months, I try to on a Friday evening, hot bath, glass of wine and Country Living magazine, will have to give the Radox a try.

    Hugs Jill xx

  8. BATH every time, preferably with bubbles, candles a good mag and a glass of wine to hand

  9. I always take a shower,,,,although we have a hot tub on our patio too!

  10. A shower. I only have a bath when I've been poorly and want a bit of pamper and relaxation.
    Lisa x

  11. Oh id love to have a soak in the bath but i never have the time so total shower girl now. Scarlett x


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