Monday, September 26, 2011

Perfect Weekend

Thank you for all your best wishes for Saturday's Vintage & Handmade Fair which although I had a lot of fun chatting and giggling with Rose wasn't as successful as my last visit but I did sell 1 candle this time!

That evening I joined Ben for dinner and X Factor - what are your thoughts on this years show? 
I can't believe they put Goldie through!

Sunday the girls got together

My SIL & niece popped round to catch up and Violet was happily crawling over the place - it's amazing what  catches children's eyes and they want to play with, in Violet's case it was my bin!

There was another visit from another friend who is feeling the weight of her pregnancy and then I tackled a job I've been putting off for about a year... finally painting my bedroom wall!

You can see how I've been living with it here

A nice weekend all round and I'm not back to work till tomorrow so hopefully there'll be a few more jobs crossed off the list!

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  1. Can't believe that woman actually entered x factor never mind her getting through!!! Aaawww Violet is gorgeous and that's just like kids give them a box or a bin and they're amused for hours. Shame about the candles they'll all wish they's bought them at christmas and you can always pop one in your families stockings, Lucey x

  2. Shame the fair wasn't more successful. I love the colour of your bedroom wall!

  3. Goodness me your niece is growing up quickly!
    Shame the fair didn't so quite to plan money wise, but glad you had such a good weekend and hope you enjoy your day off today.
    Lisa x

  4. It sounds like you've had another lovely weekend. Sorry to hear that the fair wasn't hugely successful, but at least you had fun chatting to Rose. I love the colour of your bedroom.

  5. I haven't watched x factor for a few years but i love this series mainly because of the panel


  6. Apparently according to todays paper's Goldie has quit as she felt as if she had been put through as a novelty act Pah! surely she couldn't have thought it was because she was any good!!
    Sorry the fair wasn't a success hopegfully the next few will be better coming up to Christmas xxx

  7. I am sorry to read that the fair was not successful. People are just not spending much at the moment unfortunately. Times have changed...I am self employed and am having to spend more hours working but not earning as much as before.
    I don't watch x-factor so can't comment there. I only watch 2 things at the moment, Downton and Great bake. The rest I record and watch when I can.
    I love the colour of paint that you have chosen!
    Isabelle x

  8. They always put a crazy one through on the x-factor, least it will give us a laugh. Well done on the painting, looks fabulous. Scarlett x

  9. Oooo I don't watch X Factor, but even I can tell by that pic she should not be there! >> pulling my bitch face<< Love, love love your bedroom wall such a happy colour xx

  10. I do hope we will get to see X-Factor together one evening, as we did last year! :-)

  11. aww sorry to hear the fair wasn't as successful as the previous one but seems like u still had fun with rose, awww such an adorable niece! and well done on painting your bedroom, sooo romantic looking now! i must say i cant watch x factor if i wanted to, had to wrestle the remote control with hubby haha...again love ur bedroom! x susan

  12. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I've never watched the x factor so can't comment! Violet is very cute :) xx

  13. Your niece is extremely cute! Loving the colour on the wall. Sorry you didn't have more success with the sale but it sounds like a good weekend on balance xxx

  14. Love your little niece......and your dressing table , fun!
    I'm not familiar with Goldie but she looks silly!
    have a great rest of the week!

  15. Love the colour you've painted your bedroom wall, Victoria - looks fabulous!


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