Friday, August 5, 2011

Book Review | Forever Liesl

I've had a few emails and comments from people worried that I'm not posting as frequently lately and I just wanted to assure everyone that all is ok! My lack of blogging has been due to simply some late nights at work, a few nights out and decluttering my bedroom which led to a pile of clothing I'm in the processes of photographing and listing on eBay!

I have managed to read 2 very different books recently Madeline which I think I'm best to keep my comments on to myself! Whilst I cannot imagine the pain the family are going through and wouldn't wish it on anyone I still cannot help but question why any parent would leave a child alone night after night! The other was a far more pleasant read, Forever Liesl: My Sound of Music Story

I read this book in a matter of days and it flits quite nicely throughout the Sound of Music experience and the short chapters suited my journey to work (I hate having to get off the train halfway through a chapter!!). Of course now I'm hoping to fit in a viewing of the Sound of Music this weekend

There was also the decision one evening to rearrange my front room

It's far cosier now and will welcome the arrival of my new console table on Sunday. I'll share some better photos next week once I've had the weekend to rearrange things properly!

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  1. I have not read Madeline but totally agree with your comment about the parents leaving her alone.. Why do it? .. My two eldest children can legally be left alone but they never have been - ever.
    On a brighter note my reading material has been World War Z about zombies. It has given me the jitters and scared me to death.

  2. I agree with your comment re Madeline. I'd like to read the Sound of Music story.... I love that film :) x

  3. Some people seriously think of blogging as a job! Gosh, it's Summer, why don't they take it easy??! Pure madness!! ;D
    Love the console!

  4. I love the look of your living room - it looks so cosy and inviting!! A great place to read!
    Cathy X

  5. Don't get me started on Madeline, have been tempted with the book but think it best I stay away.
    Your lounge is looking good hun.

    B xxx

  6. yay! new blog post from you!! like you, i dont understand either why any parent would leave their children like that, sounds like a sad book? but the sound of music story sounds like a lovely book to read, might try and look it up in the library, I fell in love with your front room! it looks cozy and beautiful! wishing u a great weekend! x susan

  7. The SoM book looks v interesting. It's amazing just how many people love that movie.
    Like the new look to your room. Hope you get loads of money from your ebay sales.
    Lisa x

  8. Your home is looking wonderful, very cosy :) xxx

  9. Your living room looks lovely and fresh for the summer but I can see it being cosy with throws and candles lit in the autumn. I used to love the film the sound of music so might read the book. "Ditto" about Madeline, Lucey x


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