Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Review | It's What You Think by Chris Evans

With time off work last week and lack on interest in my latest books there hasn't been much reading for me but that is to change with my latest read

This week its time to hear about Chris Evans from his life from the book "It's Not What You Think"

A random choice for me but a friend at work was talking about it and that it was worth reading, supplying me with a copy and so far he's not wrong!

We all know the tabloid stories about Chris Evans so I'm looking forward to hearing about them his own words! I do look autobiographies

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  1. should be a good read. looking forward to hearing what you think.


  2. I enjoy autobiographies but I haven't read this one, another one for my list.

  3. Should be interesting this one. Im reading some really trashy/naff chick lit book called Amy's Honeymoon - its one of those no brainers which is actually quite fun. Got to love the boy meets girl chase lol Scarlett x

  4. Snap! My sister lent me this and I've really enjoyed what I've read so far- he's much less arrongant than I remembered him from TFI etc, and is a naturally entertaining writer. Love the layout too :) xxx

  5. I really enjoyed this book, too - be interested to know what you think of the end! x

  6. i havent read this one but then again i havent been reading alot lately so i'll put it in my list as it seems like it's interesting :)


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