Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Work's Out & First Presents

I'm pleased to say that yesterday was my last day at work until 2011 - let the festivities begin!

I also had a friend visit yesterday evening and received my first Christmas present

My first pair of Cath Kidston pj's! 

Aren't they gorgeous!

There's plenty for me to do today so I'll leave you with some close up photos of some of my Christmas decorations

I hope you're all staying warm and safe during the "Big Freeze"

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  1. Love your decorations, happy christmas xx

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas, Victoria - am a bit jealous of your lovely PJs! xxx

  3. Ooh lucky you Victoria, there are pressies for you at Jans. Love the tree decorations, the Grinch one is fantastic !

    Have a good one my dear

    Hugs Jill x

  4. Lucky you for being off from work :) Christmas tree speaks English too this year ;D
    Enjoy the holidays!

  5. You are so lucky. If I had those PJs I would not want to go out at all over the hols but lounge about all day in them.
    Lovely decorations, what a collection.
    Merry Christmas to you and a great 2011.
    Jenny x

  6. Victoria, love those jammies and the ornaments are so cute!! Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday!

  7. I love those Pjs!!!! Lucky you! Happy Xmas to you! Susie xxxxxxxxx

  8. Are they as wonderful as I imagine!!!!the pj's?
    I love your ornaments...You have to read my todays post and help me!
    this guy is in his 60's

  9. You've got a lovely long break from work, plenty of time to enjoy yourself over the festive period without having to think about work. I love your pjs and your decorations are so cute.

  10. Love the christmas decorations!! Hope you have a great christmas. Cute Pjs too...;)

  11. Lovely PJs! I want a Bloomie's bauble. x

  12. i want your tree its soooooo cool!!!


    I adore that Reese's ornament; my grandfather went to the Hershey school and worked for Hershey most of his life, it's close to our hearts round here :)

  14. Thats an eclectic mix of baubles there - love it! xxx

  15. I love your pjs! Merry Christmas!!

    Sandy xox

  16. Lovely PJ'S.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Lisa x

  17. ooh, I want some. I've got floral ones from Primark, they're ok, but Cath ones are so much nicer. No surprise there then!

    Love the HK ornaments, we've got a few that our neighbour gave us, and I've shoved in some of Gorgeous Girls HK toys too, but she keeps taking them off!

    ooh, love the starbucks one, tell me, where did you get it?

    Sadie xx

  18. Merry Christmas Victoria! And yes, AWESOME present!!!! Love,Lori


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