Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Audience with Santa!

I have a couple of days off work starting tomorrow and we're taking my nephew to meet Father Christmas

You may remember our trip to Van Hagues last year

Unfortunately they are only offering weekend meet and greets so this year it's off to the Essex girls favourite - Lakeside!!

I'll be back with more photos very soon!

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  1. Exciting! My parents are getting ready to take Baby Plum to see Father Christmas on the 23rd December!! :)

  2. Wait til next year..and you will be even busier ;-)
    I think also your regular readers will be very pleased if you take them for some shopping :)
    Have fun

  3. What a cutie and I love your sister-n-laws tights!

    Happy Turkey day!

  4. Oh How wonderful. I hope he has a great time I am sure he will. I went to our local garden centre the other day and the Grotto was ready for santa,what a fantastic job!
    Priscilla x

  5. I wish my kids were still young enough to take to see Santa. I'm sure your nephew will have a lovely time.


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