Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1 Year On...

and still missing you Nan

Love you lots

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  1. You never forget them. This morning I was looking at pictures of my English Grandparents as it happens. My Grandmother died just over a year ago, it was the end of an era. All my grandparents have passed away now. I have such wonderful memories but still miss those fun days spent with them.

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  2. I can't believe it is already 1 year that your dear nan passed away.

  3. a lovely photo and tribute.

  4. Kisses and a squeeze sent for you Hun. xxx

  5. Hugs to you and your family! I still miss my Nana after 27 yrs.!

  6. The one year anniversary is so hard ... take care

  7. Ahh sending hugs your way. You'll always have all your wonderful memories of her. x

  8. It's lovely that you're marking the day and taking time to remember xxxx

  9. They never leave you when they are always in your thoughts, and such happy memories will keep you smiling.
    A Big hug
    Jenny x

  10. Hugs to granma passed when I was 16, many years ago. I still miss here and think of her every day, as time goes by the pain eases....I'm just thankful for happy memories....Linda

  11. Hi honey.... thinking of you today... hope that you are feeling better. love & hugs

  12. Grandparents are so special to us and we never forget them. Lovely picture of you two together. hugs x

  13. Sending loves and hugs your way my darling. Today is my grandma's birthday, she would have turned 88, she passed away 22 years ago, and I still miss her terribly. The my mum's both birthday and passing day is coming up on 20th of April, another extremely sad day. I share in your pain and will say a prayer for all the loved ones you and I lost.

    Love & Hugs

  14. Thinking of you! I already did when you told me you weren't feeling well with Easter, the only bright spot must be that you have still that pile of chocolate eggs and mine is already gone.
    I think that your nan would be so proud of you for this post and others where you mentioned her. You'll always miss her, but I think that you have to be grateful too, I lost my last grandparent at the age of 14, my children lost theirs even at earlier age, my son was 6 when his last grandparent died. At least you had the chance to know your grandmother very well AND to miss her now.
    I don't want to sound as a school teacher Victoria, I hope you'll get my meaning. Don't think I don't feel sorry for you, as I do. Hugs, LiLi

  15. Love you xx
    I miss Nanny Molly too, she left a gap that can't be filled xxx


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