Thursday, February 11, 2010

Disney Time

As I'm packing up my bedroom I'm coming across a few bits and pieces to share with you

My brother & SIL took a trip to Disneyworld last year and brought some goodies home for me

I’ve built up a small collection of Statue of Liberty soft toys so this Minnie Mouse version is a perfect addition


Alice in Wonderland is my favourite Disney character (don’t tell Minnie or Tink though!) so this teabag rest is a real favourite


I can’t wait to serve Mickey Mouse ice cubes in my drinks


but will I be able to bring myself to using the tea towels?

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  1. I went to DL in Paris, loved it. You'll never too old :) x

  2. Tea towel will never be used, it is for display purposes only Victoria !

    Hugs RosieP x

  3. Use them!! I jumped too often in this pitfall! Not using this and after a while (when you get tired of it) you can give them to charitiy without ever using them.

  4. I definitely agree - use them. I didn't see anything like that, wish I had!xx

  5. Oh you are such a kid at heart, lol. You could just hang the tea towels up for display, rather than actually using them. But don't hide them away in a drawer, they are too nice for that.

  6. Alice is my favourite too, hoping for a Mad Hatters tea party for my Birthday. Oooh perhaps I can do one for Jess instead, hers is before mine ;)

    Beki xxx

  7. Love the tea bag rest. You can't beat Disney!

  8. I'm a big Disney fan too!! You will never use those tea towels!!! They are far too nice!!

  9. awww! You're still a kid at heart aren't you?! xxx

  10. Awwww those are so cute, I also LOVE Alice in Wonderland!

    My daughter's *only wish in the world* is to go to Disneyworld; we hope we can make it within the next year or so!

  11. love all your disney bits....we are going later this year..i'm so excited. We took the biggest boy when he was about was so magical to see him, and now i can't wait to take the littlest. xxx

  12. I can't wait to see what's in all those boxes :)

  13. How cute your Disney things are! You will have so much fun using everything! Since I'm a tea drinker I love the teabag holder!

  14. Hi hun, not sure if i've said or not..but if you are free on 26th feb and would like to come to my BHF event then please do...anytime from 3.30pm until late.. xxxxx


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