Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun with Friends

I have 2 fun days out with friends to tell you all about, I hope you are sitting comfortably!
Wednesday Rose & I went to see Family Fortunes being recorded (every so often I go through a phase of applying for tickets and this time I was lucky!)


The lovely (and rather nice looking!) host Vernon Kay even showed the audience photos of his newborn daughter
We saw 2 recordings of the show featuring Sean Maguire Vs Leila Rouass and Vanessa Feltz Vs Lucy Speed
It was a late night but well worth all the laughter (esp between “takes”)
Our tickets came from SRO Audiences if you’re interested in applying for any shows
Today my friend Kelly & I went for our knitting lesson at Prick Your Finger

Prick your finger

Here’s my practice work with a copy of Knitty Gritty I purchased

knitty 152

It was just Kelly & I in our lesson and our teacher was fantastic helping us both learn in our different ways. We were extremely proud when she told us we were great students and had learnt a lot during our session
We both left confident in our new abilities (I have always had problems casting on and our teacher refused to let me leave until I got it!!) and ready to tackle some small knitting projects (scarves probably!!!)
If you want to learn knitting I’d highly recommend giving the girls at Prick Your Finger a call
I hope you have been having fun with friends and family this week
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  1. I adore the shop front of "prick my finger" it's fabulous.xx

  2. looks like you been having fun with girlfriends!! that is a cute saying for a store! haha big hugs


  3. Congratulations for getting the casting on! It's always fabulous to learn a new skill. Good for you. :)

  4. Sounds like youve had a couple of lovely days, its wonderful spending time with good friends isnt it?!
    ThaT would have been real interesting and fun going to watch that show being recorded, although ive never heard of it :)
    From your practice work it looks like your good at knitting. I can only knit scarves :( Im not adventurous enough to try anything else...or dont have enough time.
    Thanks for sharing :)


  5. Knitting is kind of addictive. Don't tell anyone I didn't warn you! Have a great Sunday!

  6. wow you've had a fab few days with friends...glad to see that you've mastered casting on!..hugs Tx

  7. Victoria, I love the name of that knitting shop! Sounds like you had fun at both places!

  8. Sounds like you have had a fun time! I always apply for tickets to see programmes being recorded - but am never lucky :(

    Prick your finger looks fab!! I am still perservering with my knitting - and have just finished a matinee jacket for my friend's baby ... am so proud of myself!! I will be posting a pic on my blog soon!

    Can't believe it is Sunday night already and back to work tomorrow ....

    Have a great week!

  9. glad the knitting lesson went well!

    I will teach you how to crochet soon :-)

    Rose X

  10. It is always so rewarding when you have a good teacher. Great finds. Thanks for sharing! :-)


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