Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Full Size Hula Hoop bag by Chanel

Does anyone else think Chanel have taken the oversized bag trend to the extreme? Now you know I love me some Chanel but seriously, I don't even know how this would be comfortable to carry and it's the priciest version of a beach bag I've ever seen!

What do you think? Innovative fashion gone too far or do you love the ingenuity of it?

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  1. well, in fairness - and so I understand but could always be wrong - it was meant to be just for the catwalk show. But Chanel customers wanted it. I've even seen some bloke strolling around NY with one in a magazine.

    Personally speaking, it's the only Chanel bag I'd say 'thanks, but no thanks' to. I mean seriously, how can you fling it on your arm in a casual manner and not be laughed at?!

  2. That is so cool but at the same time a bit to the extreme. I wouldn't want to carry that around!


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