Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Easter Egg from Prada

Easter Monday I took myself on a trip to Selfridges and treated myself to a new bag from Prada. I have lusted after this bag for some time as it's likely to be the closest I'll ever get to the coveted style of Birkin from Hermes. Finally the time (and money!) presented itself to allow me to add this bag to my collection.

The bag had the seal of approval from my niece at the weekend.

I've had a few requests to see my bag collection before so I plan to do a series and will give you a more in depth review of each of the styles of bag I have which I hope you'll look forward to seeing and pop back to read.

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  1. OMG!! I've got serious palpitations just looking at that gorgeous bag, that's what I call serious arm candy, haha Lucey xx "Drool, drool!

  2. oh you lucky, lucky girl! So much better than a lump of chocolate. xx

  3. Love love LOVE it! And am a bit jealous, too! x

  4. not even a shop full of eggs could match up to that bag - soooooooooooo beautiful!!!
    K x

  5. Ooooh the Easter bunny was good to you!... Love the colour.. Very stylish

  6. Oh my word - it's beautiful. I want that bag now! (Adds to wish list.)

    And yes I really, really want to see all your bags!

    New bags make me feel so happy!

  7. Oh my god this bag is gorgeous! Been lusting over the black one for ages!

    Would other gems do you have in your bag collection? xx


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