Friday, April 12, 2013

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour - 508 Pirate

In the past I have had a slight nail polish addiction. Specifically in the case of Chanel nail polishes. I even had my mum tracking a specific colour I needed to a chemists in Ibiza Town on one occasion as it was sold out in the UK but more recently I have been sticking to a classic red. Often I'd buy the latest colour Chanel offered, head to the nail shop (something I see as a chore rather than pleasant experience) and spend the next 24 hours wanting to reach for the remover as I'd hate the colour - the experience was traumatic to say the least.

Pirate is a classic from the Chanel range of colours and is a brilliant true red and perfect if you opt for red rather than pastels at this time of year. I actually purchased this colour when I was dressing as a pirate for a fancy dress party - how's that for committing to the theme.

I wear a lot of black clothing, particularly for work so the addition of red nails adds a little something - my own Louboutin-esq touch if you like. I did amuse myself the other evening prior to visiting the salon for my latest nail appointment as I sat struggling to choose from the numerous nail polishes in my collection, all varying shades of red but you understand don't you, theres not just red there's orange red or pink red or dark red - these are difficult decisions!

So tell me, do you wear a signature shade or are you a colour floozy?

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  1. I love this color it looks amazing! Great Pictures btw!
    New follower =]

  2. Pink love pink...all shades! missed you and I'm loving your new look! Heidi

  3. That is a gorgeous colour! I've never had my nails 'done' and would rather do my own than pay someone to do them. I hardly ever wear nail varnish now as it is forbidden at work - however my toenails are always painted!

  4. I have that red, and it is a real, true, PROPER red. Back in the day, Chanel did Rouge Star (No. 22), the best red I've ever used but I don't think they do it anymore.

    I'm a Chanel girl too. Have you tried Fracas and Emprise? I love the latter, but the former - not a fan. It's been relegated to Feet Only. Which in my book is 'colour I don't want to see too closely'!
    I tend to stick to neutrals and French Manicures, purely because they are more forgiving when they chip and I haven't got time to redo. But I love a splash of red from time to time, with either Pirate, or Rouge Carat (no. 587)if I'm in the mood for a more metallic finish.

    The important Q has to be .. does it match the Prada?! ;o)

  5. This is so perfect!

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