Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Cleaning with Dyson

When I first moved into my flat over 3 years ago there were many things I was looking forward to, inviting friends over and being able to sit on a sofa and watch TV rather than huddled in the bedroom, doing my own grocery shopping and having an excuse to buy a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. I don't know why Dyson cleaners were so on my radar but I was slightly obsessed and when the ball version came out I just loved how it twisted, turned and glided across all surfaces - oh yes I'd watched many demo's during my research.

These days I employ the services of a cleaner as cleaning has become less of novelty these days but there are still times during their visits when I must reach for my trusty Dusty to help keep my home spick and span.

Firstly when I brought an artificial Christmas Tree I was under the misconception they would not shed - this is not so. When I pull all the branches from their box and spread across the lounge floor and put together I'm left with all manner of green 'pines' everywhere and of course every time I burrow underneath the tree to switch on my fairy lights more of the pines drop to the floor - I'm a little concerned that in a few years I might see a bald Christmas tree. For this reason out comes the Dyson, usually in this case using the handy nossle which receives excessive use for this purpose and tackling all those cobwebs that seem to gather everywhere - and it's a given that as soon as my Dyson is put away in its special cupboard I'll find one I missed.

Another side effect of Christmas is glitter, bits of paper, trims and all sorts. After I've finished a mammoth wrapping session like last night (whilst watching The Polar Express FYI) the floor is covered in debris that only the Dyson can tackle.

I'm lucky in that my home doesn't see any Christmas entertaining as that is all hosted by my parents but I do love returning home Christmas evening to a sparkling flat so I can enjoy my turkey sandwiches in my festive home.. but come 27th December I want the festivities to disappear.

This is the date my Christmas is officially over and I begin a post Christmas clean (even though there was already a pre-Christmas one). Anything that didn't bite the dust late November is thrown out to make way for my new presents. Cards are sent for recycling and my tree decorations are packed away for another year. It's back to that pesky tree which needs dismantling and packing away in the worlds most ridiculous box - does anyone else have the same problem that the tree seems to big to go back?

Once again the Dyson is removed from the cupboard to help remove the last traces of glitter and Christmas tree and then I'll sit back and think doesn't it look bare in here and wish for my fairy lights back.

Dyson are available here at Argos and they have all the details you need for picking out the perfect Dyson for you as well as some of those videos I mentioned watching earlier.

*This was a featured post in collaboration with Argos

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  1. I'm quite fortunate that my tree is artificial, so I don't have to worry about pines, but for some reason there is always glitter around! x

    Heroine In Heels

  2. My Mum got a dyson a few years ago, but it was completely useless - it didn't seem to suck much up at all and she was always asking me to bring my vacuum round so she could have a good clean. After about a year of frustration she dumped it and bought a much cheaper and more effective vacuum. Hence I've never been tempted to get one.
    In fact my first vacuum, the cheapest one I could find at the time a Rio Goblin from Argos lasted me 16 years - it still works, but now lives in the garage for cleaning the car.

  3. Love your review & love your Christmas tree even more!!! :)

  4. Oh wow I'm so jealous! This is like my dream hoover... my mum bought the very first Dyson 01 years and years and years ago and it only just died!!! I cant believe it, it lasted for what 12 years?! Dyson hoovers really are the best! xx

    Gem // Miss Makeup Magpie

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