Friday, February 26, 2010

Road to Friendship

I’m very late in saying my public THANK YOU to Kelly for some gifts she brought for me some time ago

latest 097

Isn’t the cushion a lovely gift from a friend?

And I love the china shell – this will be found a home in my new bathroom!

latest 095

Thank you again Kel

Monday, February 22, 2010

Nearly There

I've spent another busy weekend at the flat and on Saturday I had the invaluable help of Kelly and her boyfriend James who kindly hung pictures, mirrors and shelves on my walls and built my bedroom furniture for me

Yesterday I spent the day organising and finishing off some of the rooms, would you like a tour?

My utility cupboard

Here is a shelving unit James hung in my kitchen

I will be painting it later when I can decide on a colour

The kitchen is all organised and ready for the cupboards to be filled with food!

Someday I may be able to replace these for a KitchenAid and Magimix but for now these should be just fine!

I'm sure I'll do some re-arranging once I start cooking in it but I'm pleased with it for now

The bathroom was next

This is less than half of my bubble bath collection!

Yummy Jo Malone candle waiting to be lit

Luckily Rose had left behind 2 hooks which enable me to hang a mirror found at a boot sale and even better a lovely painting discovered for £1!

Molton Brown hand wash and lotion - a must!

My pet chihuahua - sadly this ones only a soap!

I was so pleased my Lloyd Loom linen basket fitted perfectly by the sink

Pineapple Candle brought home from LA, Venetian mirror which was a gift from Kelly's mum and treasured Nao mermaid brought on my last holiday with my nan

And then onto my front room

This was the one piece of furniture Kelly and I managed to get out of my bedroom Thursday before the mission was aborted! I love my Lloyd Loom chair providing somewhere to sit when I'm on the phone - I just need to hide all those leads better!

My "dining room" complete now a mirror has been hung (thanks to James!)

Again this mirror will be painted when I decided on a colour (as will the dining table also)

This is a beautiful vintage fire-guard which opens to be used as a table too

My Breakfast at Tiffanys poster adds something to the room. It used to hang in my bedroom and I wasn't sure if it would look right but I couldn't leave it behind

Today I have another day off work and will be finishing my bedroom which currently looks like this

If I can get all that done I may well be spending my first night in the flat this evening!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Didn’t we do well!

As I explained yesterday it was off to IKEA to buy furniture for my flat but unfortunately it was left to Kelly & I as my brother had to work

We started the day by collection our hire van and treating ourselves to breakfast


Next on the list was moving all my bedroom furniture to the flat. Unfortunately after getting one chest of draws out of the room we realised we had no chance of moving the wardrobes on our own

Mission aborted more items were added to the IKEA shopping list


Yes that is 5 trolley you can see!

Here’s Kelly advising me how Sofa 2 is going to get in the van


IKEA mission completed with van full to the brim it was home to start putting together furniture


Sideboard moved from the bedroom with TV – check!


Dining table and chairs – check!


Sofas – check!


It was a long and exhausting day and I would’ve been lost without Kelly’s strength and persistence (she refused to leave the flat until we’d built everything for the lounge!) but it was well worth it!

Today I’m on my own to get on with some work at the flat and prepare for Saturday when Kelly is back with extra assistance so we can start putting pictures up on the walls!

Hope you have a lovely weekend planned and I hope to be back with more photos of my latest developments

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flat Photos

I don't want to bore you to much with the flat but know some of you would like to keep an eye on how it's going so I will be adding photos as I go along on Facebook here

Friday, February 12, 2010

Move in Progress

It would seem even moving out of one room into a flat is hard work, especially when you have spent the past couple of years buying LOTs of pretties!

This week I moved boxes from home (and some from Kelly’s)


to the flat!


I spent today sorting through them whilst I had an engineer linking my flat up to the buildings Sky dish
I have A LOT of season decorations

011 010

and pillowcases and bed linen


and this little lot has to fit into my kitchen somehow!


Bathroom goodies are in place to be arranged

014 013

I put my photo frames on the window sill for now to add a homely touch


as well as some little touches in the kitchen


I’m allowing myself a break to catch up on some blogging and then it’s time to make some phone calls and then back to the heavy lifting!

Have a lovely weekend

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Disney Time

As I'm packing up my bedroom I'm coming across a few bits and pieces to share with you

My brother & SIL took a trip to Disneyworld last year and brought some goodies home for me

I’ve built up a small collection of Statue of Liberty soft toys so this Minnie Mouse version is a perfect addition


Alice in Wonderland is my favourite Disney character (don’t tell Minnie or Tink though!) so this teabag rest is a real favourite


I can’t wait to serve Mickey Mouse ice cubes in my drinks


but will I be able to bring myself to using the tea towels?

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