Saturday, April 13, 2013

Miller & Carter Steak Night, Epping Essex

Last night the BFF and I decided a night of steak of red wine was needed. Not wanting to travel too far from home we went to our local Miller & Carter restaurant. I chose the 8oz fillet medium rare and it was cooked to perfection. Served with their gorgeous signature onion loaf, fries, iceberg lettuce wedge and a glass of Malbac it went down a treat. I often pick steak when dining out as it never seems to taste quite the same when cooked at home. 

It would also seem Miller & Carter has the seal of approval from David Beckham's mum and sister who were dining along side us - no sign of Posh though!

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  1. ooh, messing with my mind. Craving steak & chips now! Looks scrum!

    hark at you, rubbing shoulders with family of slebs!

  2. oh rubbing shoulders with the Beckham's! That looks very yummy, I never order steak when eating out because it's always too rare :( xx

  3. You name dropper you! That steak looks perfect.

  4. Lovely looking steak, you make it sound delicious too!


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