Wednesday, May 1, 2013

BEDM: Introduce yourself in 5 lines

and include a photograph that you are proud of....

Before I launch into my 5 lines about myself (which I'm dreading... I'm AWFUL at describing myself!) I shall talk about the photo I'm proud of. This is my family and I at my cousins wedding last year. Those who are new to my blog, I am the butterfly covered lady in the middle. My brother and his wife are on my right and my parents on the left.

I don't think we have a photo of my dad smiling or one of us together as a family other than this one if I'm honest, my dad usually refusing photos or my brother absent from family get togethers due to first serving in the army and now a shift working Fireman. I must also give credit to the photographer, my friend Ben (who is furious he has not been credited in some of my outfit posts photography!!) as this was a once only attempt at a photo before my mum dived into the champagne and my dads smile faded.

And now please let me introduce myself.....

I am Victoria your blogger at Florence & Mary, so named after my grandmothers (you can read more here)
34 years young, a single fun loving gal (hmmm am I going into online dating territory now?!) who loves nothing more than either pottering at home or enjoying jaunts with friends, whether they're to a local fair or the Polo (you can read more about my days out here)
An ever optimist always looking on the bright side of life, easy going as often as not and annoyingly enthusiastic.
I have an obsession with pineapples and flamingos, wear Vivienne Westwood Boudoir perfume and cannot resist a designer handbag
And when I grow old I want to wear large hats every day, use a silver tipped cane and smoke through a cigarette holder...

This was my first post for the Blog Every Day in May challenge set by Elizabeth at Rosalilium, find out more here

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  1. Nice to get to know you a little better, and that's a lovely photo by the way.

  2. Aw love your opening post to BEDM. now following so i can keep up to date. When I'm old I want purple hair and to be a cheerful chubby old lady. xx

  3. you're also a very nice person to know. Fact.


  4. I love that description of the photo, such a cherished picture. Welcome to #BEDM

  5. Stopping by from the BEDM list - great start to the challenge! I'm loving reading through all the posts and seeing how differently everyone has responded to the prompt. Long may it continue!

    That's a great photo - so colourful :)


  6. hey Victoria

    me and you are going to look like twins when we get old with our cool as anything canes!

    BreezeyBee Blog

  7. Hello

    Another BEDM blogger popping by to say hi and I love flamingos too i'm actually designing a flamingo tattoo!

    Lookking forward to reading more of your posts


  8. Great to see you taking part in the BEDM challenge. You are right - family photographs are so hard to capture. I don't think I own a single one of my parents, myself and my brother grown up as such. Will most certainly have to change this. p.s Love your butterfly print xxx


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